July 25, 2021

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  • Despite having two extra kids this morning, we were able to make cinnamon rolls, empty the dishwasher, and take Bentley on a walk all before we left. It probably did help that when I rolled out of bed to turn on the oven, Keaton and Rylee were already awake and just waiting on me to wake up.
  • They were pretty pleased with themselves because their Sunday clothes pretty much matched. Keaton didn't know what Rylee had packed and then ta-da they were almost twinkies. Some friends are so easy to have over and others not so much. This friend of Keaton's is certainly in the easy category.
  • Let's see there was big church and then a shortened Sunday school where we then had to say goodbye to our children's person. I will greatly miss her, and I sure know that my kids will miss her. 
  • After church we headed to Nonna's house for our Sunday lunch. It seems like we have missed a lot of church this summer-the kids get confused on whose house we are supposed to go to on Sunday afternoons-it is a good thing that we have it on our calendar. 
  • They had a yummy lunch of BBQ and the fixings. Then after a bit of visiting, it was time to head home for my Sunday afternoon nap. I did run to Shannon's house for a bit to help Layne with some goodie making for church tonight. I am not sure if I was much help but I did come up with a Christmas tree looking thing for the kids to eat! 
  • I did manage a nap when we came back home for a few minutes. Then the boys headed off to Rock Creek for Christmas in July. They had lots of fun-Graham wore a Christmas sweatshirt tonight, but Anderson decided that he didn't want to sweat to death!
  • We tried to go to the pool tonight, but we had to turn around due to thunder that we kept hearing. It never rained here, but the thunder rumbled for a food while. We then had our supper and some Olympic watching at the Wilson's house tonight. We stayed out until when we came home, I just had time to write the blog before putting the people to bed!

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