July 26, 2021

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  • I heard a loud clap of thunder early this morning. It didn't stop me from sleeping quite a bit longer. I think that Bentley might have stirred some, but we all slept in a bit this morning.
  • There were dishes and laundry-kind of a theme around here. Then Bentley and I took our walk. In front of our neighbor's house there has been a power line/cable/something hanging down. We are able to walk around it. You really aren't able to drive around it so you have to use our other driveway. 
  • We had been thinking that a delivery truck would tear it down by accident. That hasn't happened yet, and actually we have started getting notes saying that they can't deliver because of it. The power people came and didn't fix it. Hopefully, the cable people who are coming tomorrow can do something with it-or Robby is just going to take his chances that it isn't live and take care of it himself.
  • Robby and I dropped off the white van for some brake work. We didn't really pick a great time to do it since tomorrow we have Campbell's birthday celebration where we will now need two cars to haul everyone around. It will all work out. After dropping off the car, I ran into a few stores to buy some last minute things for tomorrow.
  • Then it was home for a little bit. We took all of the people to the pool this afternoon. I dropped everyone off and then headed with Reagan to get second holes in her ears. She really wanted them, so that is what she got today.
  • We returned to everyone sitting out of the pool due to thunder. Eventually the whistles blew and they were able to swim again. Then not too much longer, thunder happened again. After a few more thunders, we did load up and head home.
  • That was fine since my little 4 knew that they were coming back tonight for more swimming. Tonight they had their swim team party. They passed out the medals and ribbons from Saturday-Graham had 4 ribbons and 2 medals, Campbell and Keaton each had 4 ribbons so they were all pleased. And Whitman enjoyed his cupcake and pizza so it was a good night.
  • Once we made it home, I worked on my library list-school is starting again so my library book count will increase. And there was lots of Olympic watching this evening. 

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