July 27, 2021-Happy Half Birthday (Party) Campbell!

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  • We started the morning early today, and we have been moving all day long. I was able to do my dishes and laundry before Robby took the little three to the church house. They had their last Terrific Tuesday.
  • Today it was water day at church so they had a massive slip n slide slide down the hill. There was also some other games-I think hitting a water balloon with a baseball bat was another activity. 
  • On my way to the church house, I picked up Zoey and Eden.  Reagan wanted to go with us to the pool, but we couldn't convince the boys to come. Then I met Robby to pick up our three kiddos from church. Then we also picked up two Crafts, three Stattons, one more Kamp and Laynie to head to the pool to celebrate Campbell's half birthday!
  • She has been planning this party for months, and I think that it just might have met her expectations. Robby bought everyone Sonic drinks before we picked up pizzas for lunch.
  • The pool was pretty perfect today. It was super hot-hot enough that I had to get into the water a few times to cool off. 
  • Robby, the fun dad, ran to get everyone popsicles and ice cream bars for our pool snack today. We had so many left that I offered them to all of the other guests plus the life guards. 
  • As soon as we made it home, the girls all changed into dry clothes. Then it was time to open the presents. Campbell received a wide variety of presents which she was thrilled about. Plus she and Keaton had ordered some things earlier this month, and they just now arrived today so she has plenty of new things.
  • After presents, the girls played a few games. One game that they played was were they all had balloons tied on their legs and had to pop the other peoples balloons. I took Bentley on a walk during all of this because balloons terrify her right now. I returned to two out of breath girls still in the game trying to pop the other's balloon with the other girls all surrounding them cheering.
  • Then there was a scavenger hunt outside that 3 of the girls made up. They did a really good job on the scavenger hunt-I was super impressed. The girls were divided up into two teams and then competed for the best times. 
  • Next up was supper-bbq which was Campbell's choice. We had strawberries and grapes along with our supper. Then there was another heated game-who knows the birthday girl the best. Campbell's brothers and Reagan all competed in this game and won. They were pretty proud themselves especially since we told them that if they won, they would receive candy.
  • We ended the evening with cupcakes for the birthday girl before the guests trickled home. Three girls stayed to spend the night. They were all super easy.
  • Robby did take Reagan and Graham to run a few errands tonight. Well, I guess you could say that Reagan took Robby and Graham-she was the driver tonight since she needs all the practice she can get. 
  • Currently, Whitman is eating candy, the girls are upstairs putting fake nails on, the big boys are on their xboxes, Reagan is upstairs probably advising Campbell and her buddies and Keaton is spending the night with a friend-so it is a pretty quiet evening...finally!

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