July 3, 2021-4th of July on the Road

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Bentley was the first to wake up this morning around 8:30. Well, I really don't know if she woke up first or if Robby woke her up. Either way, her usual 6:30 stirring time was pushed way back. I guess that the camping life agrees with her.

Soon Robby was putting cinnamon rolls in the oven. Then we heated up some sausage in the microwave and had precooked biscuits from Sams. We were definitely taking the easy way out today-and really, it was easy, but it was also delicious. We both thought that the biscuits were better than what we usually make, plus they were cheaper. I feel like we will be buying those boxes of biscuits again our next camping trip.

After eating breakfast, we waked around a little bit outside. Thankfully the water attractions don't open until 11 so we had some downtime this morning before it was time to go and play. Our group started at the pool. Anderson and Reagan stayed back at the camper for a good while and missed the pool side of things.

The pool is pretty big yet it only goes to 4 feet. However, they have a huge splash pad which Whitman loves along with two massive water slides. Unfortunately though, they don't have much shade at all. I guess that swimming at our pool definitely spoils you in the shade department. 

After a good while of swimming there, we moved the party to the lake. I think that most of the kids really enjoy this more. A big draw is the kayaks that you are able to use-I think that our group were on the kayaks for a crazy amount of time. Actually, when most folks had gone home-Wes had to swim out to our girls who were in kayaks since he and Robby couldn't get their attention from the shore.

Robby brought his tent-we have definitely gotten our money out of this tent. It provided great shade today. The weather was warm, but in the shade it was definitely tolerable. Robby and I ran back to the camper to pick up Anderson and Reagan and lunch. We brought ourselves a table and made sandwiches for our crew.

So yesterday we didn't swim until 5ish, and today the crowd was much thicker. It was kind of wild the number of people. Thankfully the place is pretty big so the crowd is kind of spread out. Now, this afternoon Robby, Casey and Wes deemed that it was time to go since the crowd was getting a little louder and wilder. 

By this time though most of our crew had gone back. Robby had even shuttled some of our kids back to the camper. I was at the pool with Campbell and Whitman. And let me tell you about those two-they pretty much spend the entire day together. Whitman can't get back onto the obstacle course when he falls off so Campbell was his buddy. Then at the pool, they were inseparable. They both had the best time-in fact they were having so much time that we just let them stay longer than planned.

That made us the last ones to leave the water. This was fine since all I had to do for our supper was to open the container of sour cream. We had our group meal tonight-taco salad. I had just signed up for easy things-tortillas, chips, sour cream and salsa. As always it was delicious. 

We also celebrated Eli and Ryan's birthday's tonight. Jennifer had cupcakes and ice cream so that made it quite the party. After the presents were opened, it was time to head back over to the fire works. It was the same show as last night, but Bentley did so much better tonight. I was still holding her, but she wasn't so skittish-well, the fireworks did start before we made it over to the bank, and she did just stop walking. I had to carry her the rest of the way-she is not light!

After the fireworks, the party pretty much shut down and everyone headed to their campers. We had been having a baggo tournament, but it eventually became too dark to finish that. Whitman and I were on a team, and let's just say that Whitman scored everyone of our points! 

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