July 9, 2021

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  • Early this morning Bentley I did our morning walk. I sometimes can't figure out this dog out-occasionally, today she would get skittish and stop walking. Who knows what she saw or heard. I can usually get her to come after a few seconds, but always in the back of my mind I wonder if she is seeing something real or protecting us from something-bear, scary man, rabid dog, big foot?
  • I worked with Whitman this morning, but the biggest activity was cleaning Campbell's desk. I hope to do Keaton's tomorrow. Campbell's desk only took 30 minutes-and I know that since we set a timer. She was not pleased with the idea of cleaning it-I certainly was though!
  • I did take a break from cleaning the potties at the house, to take Anderson and Graham to Rock Creek for the entire day. On the way there, we did drop Campbell off to join Keaton with the Hetlz. They went swimming for a few hours this afternoon.
  • After dropping off the boys, Reagan drove on to Walmart to buy shampoo with her extra mission trip money. Then we went to Old Navy where she ended up buying some jeans at H and M. From there, she had be drive, but we did stop by ChickFilA for her lunch.
  • Once at home, I finished with those potties before taking a quick nap. Then it was time for the rest of us to load up to head to the pool. There were some buddies there, but unfortunately, the kids couldn't swim in the deep end since it was cloudy-that doesn't sound clean! Ha! 
  • We stayed long enough that when we did come home, we only had a bit before Robby and I left to pick up the boys. Well, we did leave a bit early so we could stop by Sonic.
  • The boys had a blast at their thing today. They told us all about it on the way home. It was soon bedtime for our crew though because tonight is Friday night which means bedtime is optional (though my big boys are good about making Whitman go to sleep by midnight!)

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