July 5, 2021-4th of July on the Road

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Once again we slept super late. It was absolutely wonderful. As soon as Keaton realized that it was in fact daylight, she was ready and out the door in a flash. I kept trying to wake up Campbell by telling her that her friends were outside, but she took a little longer to wake up. That was probably because all of the kids were up until midnight or a bit after last night.

We had ourselves some sausage biscuits today for breakfast. They were certainly easy to do since we just had to microwave everything. Then we started putting things back up. The saddest part of camping is when you have to start packing everything back up. 

Thankfully, this time we didn't have that much to put up. We never really set up too much stuff at our campsite. Though when you don't set all of your stuff up, then you are just juggling it from one spot to another as you grab the things that you need. It did make for an easier day this morning.

I worked inside while Robby did some work outside. The inside is just a lot of straightening-same routine that happens every morning, except things are neatly put away or thrown into the shower for us to wash at home.When we finished, we walked over to where the kids were having a huge baggo tournament. 

I don't know much about who all played. I did hear that Whitman and Anderson were on a team together-they won one game and then last the other one. Whitman was a bit pouty when they returned. He told me that he was tired of people trying to make him feel better. I told him that probably people were trying to make him feel better because it was silly to be upset about losing a game. He then replied that hearing "You did a good, but we just did better" does not make a person feel better. I would have to agree with him.

Since Robby had dumped yesterday, we didn't have to get in the line to dump. At one point, I counted at least 5 campers in the line. We left with the Fergusons and Crafts. We stayed near the end of the line and had two extras with us. Robby and I didn't pay much attention what was happening in the back of the camper, because we were busy listening to our audio book.

We stopped to get gas and gracious me, it took forever to get to a pump. That was fine though because the kids made their lunches while we were stopped-that is just so much easier. I mean really, if we aren't stopped then making lunches feels like you are standing in an Indy 500 car which happens to be on two wheels while making the lunches. 

When we did get home, the kids helped unload the camper and car. Soon things were back in the house and being put away. There has been lots of laundry happening this evening-that kind of makes me sad since that means there is lots of folding to be done tomorrow.

After supper tonight, Robby and I went back to the camper and cleaned that baby. It is still empty, but it is clean. We can load and leave in just a few hours now! Actually cleaning it doesn't take long at all. I dread it every time, but since it is so small there is little to do.

Reagan hasn't been home since last Friday, Campbell and Keaton haven't been home since Sunday, Whitman hasn't been home since Monday and Anderson and Graham haven't been home since Tuesday so all of my people were ready to take shower at home, be in their beds and chill at home today.

Tonight at almost bedtime, Whitman asked for a snack. He wanted popcorn, but I suggested a cookie or popsicle. He then asked for milk, but we don't have any. Then he found just what he wanted-whip cream. He wanted a cup full of whip cream. And since he is the 6th kid, we squirted him some whip cream for him to enjoy. Graham walked by and asked what he was eating, and Whitman proudly shouted, "pure whip cream." 

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