July 30, 2021

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  • I woke up a bit earlier than usual despite Bentley sleeping later than usual. This was because I knew that I had a short morning here at the house, and I wanted to accomplish the three necessary morning tasks-laundry, dishes and walk the dog (I am trying to figure out how I can start doing the dishes at night consistently.)
  • After finishing all of that, I loaded up with Reagan, Anderson and Graham to go to the Goodwill Outlet store. This is unlike regular Goodwill stores and really it was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. 
  • It was just a warehouse full of bins that we dug through looking for treasures. Some, well most, of the contents of the bins should be in a dump which was nearby. However, occasionally you would find something worthwhile. Reagan did find 2 shirts, and then we bought 2 books and a little toy.
  • On the way, Reagan told the boys that we would be there for a long time. I set in ready to pass the time and look through the bins, but before 15 minutes was up Reagan was finished. I guess she decided that we really aren't that poor. And it was probably good that we were leaving because when I watched Reagan pick stuff up-she did it with a scowl on her face and pinching it between two fingers.
  • I sure did hand sanitize my hands and even my arms when we left. It was definitely a place that we do not have to return to-I prefer the highway 10 Goodwill. Of course since we had left the house, Reagan and Graham felt that they needed a treat. I am becoming a softy like Robby and ended up stopping at Starbucks and Sonic on the way home for them.
  • At home, I pretty much dropped them off and then headed to meet Robby, Campbell and Keaton at the pool. When I got there Robby left to do some work. We stayed until about 1:30 where we rushed home for the girls to shower.
  • Then we loaded up and headed to Nonna and Pops' house Tonight was the night for Campbell and her sous chef Keaton to cook over there. They cooked for a bit, but even had time to run and get snow cones.
  • I didn't hear too many reports about the meal-the lava cakes weren't done all the way and the mashed potatoes were still runny. However, I do think that the meal was still a success. They were back home before we made it home from our evening out with the Wilsons. Brett and the boys hung out here while we were gone. 
  • Tonight our cheesecake place was having their grand opening so we stopped there first to buy cheesecake. Then we went to eat Mexican before coming back to our house to eat the cheesecake and watch some of the Olympics. 

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