July 19, 2021

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  • We did discover that Bentley does wake up earlier when we are at home because of the bright sunlight filling our room. And apparently Whitman does too because he was the first Dennie awake this morning.
  • I worked and worked for way too long on the laundry this morning. We had most everything from the camper along with two loads of our clothes. I am not a patient person and folding laundry does require a bit of patience,
  • At some point this morning, I did work with Whitman on his school work. He asked to do spelling first which made my heart happy. He even spelled "disagreed" correctly today. I think that we are certainly getting there with our spelling-maybe this will be the year that he can work through things independently. (I'm not giving it much hope though!)
  • Anderson's ear is still bothering him. My plan had been to wait until lunch and see if it was improving and if not make an appointment then. However, at lunch he acted like it was getting better-not hurting but still stuffy. Later tonight though it was back to hurting so I guess I will be making an appointment in the morning. 
  • Campbell and Keaton spent a good bit of the afternoon moving Campbell out of their shared desk/table and into the desk in the little office area in the living room. Reagan didn't really use it much last year so those girls moved her out and Campbell in. We will see how that works out-Campbell's new area is seen when you walk through the house so I won't let it get messy which she has a tendency to do.
  • Around 3, we took Campbell, Keaton, Graham and Whitman to the pool. They swam for a god while, I ran some errands, and when I returned all of them but Whitman climbed out of the pool after swimming 30 laps. I think that they were pretty tired-Graham and Keaton never even got back in the pool after all of that work.
  • The evening was kind of slow-we did have pizza for supper. We had some coupons for the kids plus we are now trying to eat pizza most days of the week (Friday, Saturday, Monday so far this week). 
  • I have big evening plans-it is about an hour until bedtime. The blog is finished so I plan to keep the laundry going plus wash my hair! Wild and exciting times at the Dennie hosue.

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