August 31, 2021

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  • It was a bit easier to wake people up this morning since there was Comm Central for the big kids. That means that our work together time is a bit different-not really too much. I do read a few different books plus I feel like I have to end a bit quicker to help get Reagan and Anderson off to school.
  • I think that they had a good day at school with not too much more on their plate. I know that Reagan did beat Anderson on their weekly quiz so I am sure that she felt pretty pleased about that. She also had a test today which she thinks that she did really well on.
  • After their school I picked up Reagan and Robby picked up Anderson. Reagan said it was like we were divorced each picking up a different kit. I figured that Reagan would not want to stay out while Anderson worked at Raymar for a little bit. Robby had errands to run so he did stay out. However, Reagan wanted to go shopping after school so we did run to Walmart for just a minute.
  • The rest of us did our school work at home just fine. Whitman was zoned in today-he was on fire with his school work. So strange to me how some day he can work quickly and other days not so much. 
  • This afternoon I spent on the treadmill while the girls did some baking-I guess they baked. They were busy in the kitchen-muffins were made, hot chocolate bombs were made, frozen kool aid snacks were made, dog treats were made (maybe that was yesterday), and persimmons were cut to predict what kind of winter we will have. All of that kind of makes me exhausted and makes my kitchen a mess.
  • This evening Campbell, Keaton and Whitman played outside. Robby grilled hot dogs for supper, and then we headed out to run some errands. Well, tonight was all about free-20 bags of free popsicles, 2 free notebooks, 1 free peanut butter, a free jelly, 1 free coke, a free bread, and a free taco. Yep, a bit on the ridiculous side.
  • Well, speaking of ridiculous-tonight we "bought" 20 bags of free popsicles. That alone would be silly, but since we have been collecting these free popsicles for the last few days, I have 5 bins full of popsicles in the attic upstairs. About 100 packages-3,000 popsicles. Yep, so if you need a treat this summer or next or even the next supper then come on by.

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