October 1, 2021

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  • Tonight I was sitting here thinking about how hard I worked all day Wednesday so I could have a day off today. However, this was no day off at all! Gracious me, I guess that if I hadn't worked hard on Wednesday then I would still be running around working right now at midnight. 
  • I did my laundry this morning and then tried to take the dog out just as it started raining here. We did make it out later in the morning when the rain at stopped. 
  • I woke up the kids so they could start their mornings-mainly so Anderson and Reagan could start on their school work. Anderson was pretty much slammed today since he was trying to finish all of this weekends and Mondays work today. Well, I was trying to make him finish all of this. 
  • Whitman also worked with me first thing this morning before he even had breakfast. He wasn't too sure why he was having to work with me so early, but it was because we missed working together on Wednesday. If we do keep up this pace, some of the kids will have a few things that they finish by Christmas which will lighten all of our loads tremendously.
  • The big excitement today was a birthday party-this was Bentley's first birthday party to go to. She was so happy to celebrate with Delta. They had doogie treats and whipped cream for their snacks. And of course we took a present Bentley had helped Campbell make doggie treats yesterday to share with her friend.
  • Campbell also made some cookies tonight to take on the trip. Keaton had wanted to make cookies too, but time just got away from us. There might be time tomorrow or maybe she can make them on the trip. 
  • Reagan had the opportunity to go to Tiger Tunes at Ouachita tonight with some of her friends. She really enjoyed the show, but she did say that she didn't want to go to Ouachita because it was just "too basic" which I understand to mean that too many people go there so she wants to do something else.
  • While she was gone, there were hair cuts and more school work. Nonna and Pops came for a visit and when they left my crew went to town cleaning this house. It is nice whenever one can pitch in and thing can look decent after just a few minutes. 
  • Robby and Campbell ran to get supper for us. They even brought home some Happy Meals which have the Disney 50th anniversary toys-we now have 2 of the 50.  (Don't worry, we aren't going to try to collect all of those-though they would make cute Christmas ornaments.)
  • It wasn't too long after that I had to go and pick up Reagan. We made it home around 10 since we had to go home the long way due to a wreck. The kids stayed up for a bit while we packed a few more things, then it was bedtime. 
  • Of course we don't know about football tomorrow if it will be cancelled due to the rain or not, so there is a bit of uncertainly on what time to set my alarm!

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