December 1, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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When we woke up this morning, it was slightly sprinkling. It was nice-really nice. So nice that we stayed in bed a little bit longer than we had anticipated. That was just fine though because all that we had on the agenda today was driving and a trip to the grocery store. I know we are wild and crazy people.

After Robby got himself ready, he started making pancakes and sausage for our breakfast. No, we didn't cook outside. It was cold and rainy. The griddle does fit perfectly on the stove, so before I could make the orange juice the pancakes were being served.

Now I know we have talked about this before, but there are just a lot of people in this camper. When we are all up and moving around, it feels like there is at least half a dozen children in here. Even though it is sometimes tight in here, I would not trade it for the world. 

After breakfast was made, we got ready to head off to Michigan. Robby didn't have any problems getting his outside stuff ready-good thing he always has a rain jacket packed since he needed it today. After my inside part was ready, I started working on the front windows. 

Since we have covers on the inside of the windows and since it is so cold outside, there is a lot of condensation on the inside of the windows. I wiped them with the dish towel. Then I wiped them with paper towels. Finally turning on the defroster or whatever it is called helped. By the time that he set down to drive, they much better.

And he definitely needed to see out of those windows to get out of that campground. We didn't have any problems, but we weren't quite sure where we were going. Once we left the campground, we just headed right on to the interstate and sailed on.

We only stopped once today for gas. We could already tell that the weather was getting colder. If we were at home, we would say that it looked like snow today. However, we sure don't want any snow while we are here so I definitely didn't say that.

Though even though I didn't say that, there was already snow. When we got to the town that we are in tonight (about 30 minutes outside of Dearborn), there was snow on the ground. It looks like this snow has been melting today, but it was enough snow that parking lots had to be plowed and some folks had snowmen built.

As soon as we were parked in this campsite, Campbell and Whitman were outside building their own snowmen. They came in asking for hot chocolate and sat in front of the heater to warm themselves up. They were seriously having the best time ever. 

Robby did some work, and then we all headed off to Walmart to pick up some groceries. It is so hard to know how much food we are actually going to eat. Sometimes we have to bring back in almost all of the food that I have packed, and other times we seem to really go through things. This is a going through thing trip-there is lots of car time so we are eating lots of snacks which is perfectly fine.

This all meant that we needed to go to the Walmart for a few things. Reagan, Anderson and Graham all wanted to go-so that means that everyone goes. Let's see we bought some necessities-chips, bread-and some not so necessities-air mattress pump and a pillow. We filled the buggy up.

Which meant that when we left, we had filled the trunk of the van up. And then Hungry Howie's was just right across the street. Back at the camper, we ate our pizzas. Then Robby did laundry while I read some to the kids. 

The next thing was pajamas and beds followed by a movie for Robby and I before bed.

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