December 16, 2021

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  • This morning no one was awake until for a very, very long time. I even stayed in my bed a bit longer than usual. I guess they needed a bit more sleep last night. 
  • We did our school work as usual, though I did skip one thing so the morning could move quicker. I had finished working with everyone by noonish so I started straightening for a bit.
  • Robby had to run to Conway, and when he left he told Graham that if he raked the front flower bed area then he could get himself some ChickFilA. Graham will work for ChickFilA for sure. He worked and worked and even stressed about doing it right. I did go out a few times and rake a pile or two on the tarp.
  • Keaton eventually started to help him, and then she received the same deal that Graham did-ChickFilA. It worked out well because they both have basketball practice tonight, and Robby bought their ChickFilA after practice.
  • I did win a 25 dollar gift card to the library today so I went to pick it up. Then I went on to Walmart and spent that gift card plus a good little bit. I now have finished shopping for all of the grandmothers and am just waiting on their gifts to arrive.
  • When I was about to check out at Walmart, it started pouring so I walked around for a little bit. Then when I checked out, it started pouring again. Argh. I said something to the cashier about the rain, and she sternly advised me to not go out in this rain. 
  • Well, I decided that I better heed her advice. I wasn't sure why she felt so strongly, but I listened. So I waited around for a good little bit in the store before finally walking to the car when the rain had lessened. I did make it to the car safely and home safely so I am thankful for the lady's advice.
  • Back at home, I got a few things ready for tonight's party. Reagan had 4 friends came over to decorate gingerbread houses. She was going to have quite a few more, but they bailed at the last minute-teenage girls!
  • Reagan had a table full of candies to decorate gingerbread houses with. Plus we had spaghetti, green beans and bread for our supper. I made some cookies, but pretty much tried to stay out of the kitchen. Of course, I am currently just sitting in the living room listening to their conversations as I write this blog. 
  • Robby took Graham and Keaton to basketball so the house was a bit quieter. Anderson has only come down once-he cooked his and Whitman's pizza before. Whitman has also only made one appearance since the girls have arrived. I think maybe they are tired of this house being invaded by girls every night lately.

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