December 2, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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We slept perfectly well again last night. You would think that it would get cold in this little tin box, but with our heaters going the girls in the loft area have to have a fan on them and usually when I start waking up I am warm. 

Today's weather should have been really perfect. It was supposed to be sunny, but instead it was cloudy and windy. That wind made the 50 degree temperature feel like ice. Needless to say, I am a bit panicked about how cold we are going to get tomorrow night. (High of 39 tomorrow and low of 32-we will be outside until 10 pm.)

We set our alarms to go off at 8:30 this morning, and they did. We sure didn't get up though. We decided that there was no hurry at all so we took our time. I think that we left the campsite around 10ish. It could have been later though-I really can't keep up with our times though. I can see the time on the phone, but my computer time is always wrong when we travel.

Anyway, whatever time it was-we got there. We took the camper to the Henry Ford today and left the car and car dolly at the campsite. Two reasons that we did this-the dog and food. By taking the camper, we didn't have to worry about Bentley since we came back for lunch to let her out. And we didn't have to worry about packing lunches since we have all the food that we need in the camper.

Since the village is not open for the season, parking was super easy to find even in the camper. We settled Bentley in her kennel, and then went into the museum. Now, we have been to the Henry Ford at least 5 other times which means that we have seen most areas of the museum multiple times.

Despite this, there is still so much to see. We really didn't see a few of the main areas today, but we did take our time and enjoy the sections that were interesting to everyone. They have some type of mathematics exhibit that we were in forever. There was also a paper airplane making area that we were in for a while. Finally, the last part that we stayed in for a long while was a racing area.

After walking around for a good while, we went to watch an imax movie in the museum. So their imax educational type movies are free to members so we took advantage of them today. Obviously, we are not going to pay 77 dollars for us to watch a 30 minute movie, but when it is free! 

The first movie that we saw was about adventure-I don't remember the name, And well, you know how I am at movies-I just get sleepy. I did wake up when Anderson elbowed me when they were showing the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, NM that we were just at. After that, I did try to stay awake better and scene after scene were places that we have traveled to so that we really neat to see.

It was around 1 or after when the movie was over, so we headed back to the camper for our lunch. Bentley had a good walk or two along with her lunch while we are. Today's lunch included chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, leftovers from St. Louis, and pizza from last night. Of course that means that we had to use the panini maker, air fryer and microwave. Since we were running the generator we couldn't use all of them at once so it did take a while.

After lunch, we headed back to the museum for some more walking around. Before going back in the museum, we walked to their Christmas tree lot. Now, their trees looked pretty Charlie Brown-ish-but man, if I had a place to put a live tree I sure would have bought one.

This time in the museum I did go in both of the gift shops-I do just love gift shops. Though when I am in a gift shop, I never buy anything-but I usually take pictures of things that I want so I can look them up on amazon and look up books that I want to read on our library app.

We didn't have too long because we had another movie to watch-this one was about space. It was interesting-what I saw of it anyway. Then we had about an hour before the museum closed up for the day. We were back at the campsite by 5:30ish and started settling in.

Some folks started on showers while I started on supper. Tonight's supper was chicken soft tacos. I heated them in the air fryer so they were crispy and warm. After supper, Robby and I took the trash to the dumpster-and we drove there, not walked. It is too cold to be walking anywhere.

When we returned, the last shower taker was finishing so I made our last batch of s'mores for everyone. It is currently just 8:30 (7:30 at home), and we are all settled in our beds. I still have to take my shower, and we still have our nightly move to watch.

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