December 18, 2021

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  • Last night during the storm, the thunder woke me up. Robby was up too, but he was awake because he heard Bentley whining. We put her the bed with us, and she went right to sleep. We then all slept so well that it was a wonderful Saturday morning.
  • I made cookies for my Sunday school class this morning after doing the laundry. Then I ran to the library to turn a book in before stopping by Nonna and Pops' house for a little bit. I had some presents to deliver to them.
  • When I came back home, Campbell and Keaton were starting to work on making fudge. They quickly made their recipe, and it turned out just great. I laid my head down for a few minutes before it was time to leave for ballgames.
  • Keaton played first today-she scored about 16 points, and her team won. We had a break when I took Whitman to the store along with Campbell and Anderson for Whitman to finish his Christmas shopping.
  • Then it was time for Graham's game. His team isn't very strong, but they sure did play hard. They lost by about 10, but Graham did score about 6 or 8 points during his game. I told him that I thought he was trying to hard to be a team player today. I think that he still had fun.
  • Then there was another break before Anderson's game. Robby did the errands this break-he came back with cookies for everyone. After Anderson's team were pretty much demolished last week, they demolished the other team this week. Anderson's team played really well today, and Anderson was even able to make a basket.
  • Keaton had left with a friend to spend the night, so there were a few less of us tonight. When we came home, we went right to work on our mini tacos and cheese dip-same thing that we ate last week. It was a perfect chilly Saturday night supper. 
  • When our supper was over, we decided that we needed some ice cream so Campbell and Reagan went with us to Kroger to pick some up. We hurried back home to eat and then turned on a Christmas movie.

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