December 28, 2021-After Christmas Trip to Waco

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Bentley was the first one awake this morning-at 2:30. We put her in bed with us, and she tossed and turned like a toddler until she finally fell back asleep. Of course when she did go back to sleep is when I had to get up and go to the bathroom. Then I went to the bathroom again at 5:30 and at 7-I probably shouldn't have had all of those glasses of water last night.

Once we did start stirring this morning, we didn't have too much time before we needed to leave. Bentley had time to make a few walks around the loop, and most everyone heated up some kind of breakfast. I had a blueberry scone, and Robby had koloches both from Buccee's the other day.

Our first stop this morning was the Magnolia Silos. It is quite the place. It kind of reminded me of the Pioneer Woman's empire in Oklahoma except this was a lot larger. We started off in the home store, well there were really two of them. Then there were 6 more little bitty shops. There was a seed shop, a bakery, a coffee shop along with tons of food trucks.

It really was a neat place to see-one game we enjoyed playing was watching Keaton's face when she looked at price tags. We would guess a price, then she would look at it and from her expression we would then try to guess how far off we were. For example, Reagan and I looked at a chair-we thought that the tag said 250. We commented on how that was a reasonable price for a chair. Keaton then looked at the tag closer, and she found that the price for the chair was 1250. Yep, we missed the one there!

Keaton also stayed busy getting stamps at each of the places. When you had your 6 stamps, then you received a prize-a pin. At least it wasn't a postcard. There was plenty of green space-the kids played baggo some along with a pretty long game of wiffle ball. 

I did but a Christmas ornament-that was about it. Nothing was really priced reasonably. Well, that didn't stop Robby from buying cupcakes and cookies for us at the bakery. That was a nice little snack during our morning at the Silos.

One of our main stops today was eating at the Magnolia Table. We had been watching the wait times increase throughout the day, so around noon we went to put our name on the list. Since there were 12 of us, we had to break up into 3 tables which was fine-boys, girls, and adults. However, the wait was about 2 and a half hours. I asked if we could leave, and that was no problem at all.

So we drove to the other side of Waco back to the camper. We let Bentley out, walked her and let her eat before putting her back in the kennel. She sure didn't want to go back in the camper with everyone else heading to the car though.

We then met the Wilson's at the original Magnolia shop. That was actually the only place that had reasonable prices. Shannon bought a few things, but other than that our shopping bags were pretty empty today. 

We then returned to the restaurant and only had to wait about 15 minutes before being seated. Now, the boys had their table first-they were a ways away from us. Then the girls sat down and finally the adults. Brett paid for the boys' meals, Reagan paid for the girls' meals and Robby just settled up. 

The food was actually pretty good. I had eggs benedict which I really love. Robby had a breakfast burrito along with biscuits and gravy. We also had a side of strawberry butter which was delicious. Reagan had a salad. Keaton and Whitman had grilled cheese from the kid's menu. Campbell had a burger that had eggs and lots of other things on it. Now Anderson and Graham probably did the best-tater tots that were the size of tennis balls, bacon (though they both ordered sausage), eggs and pancakes (Graham) and French toast (Anderson.) 

We then went to one more store-Harps Design. This store was probably my favorite-it was all kinds of wooden things. Robby encouraged me to buy something, but I don't really need a 40 dollar candlestick. Ha! By this time, Whitman really needed to use the restroom, but there wasn't one there. He was about to use a tree when I caught him and quickly urged us on to our next with a bathroom.

The Wilson's hotel was the next stop. We sat outside while the kids played some new card games of Bretts. They were all fun, and the girls have already been telling me that the need them. We eventually headed back to our camper. We took a walk and Reagan had a shower.

The Wilsons then showed up for a little bit at our campsite tonight. We sat outside and watched a ballgame. The kids went in to play a bit of cards. Of course we finished off the meal with some ice cream. Well, Keaton decided on popcorn. She went in to put it in the microwave-nothing unusual. A few minutes later, she came back out and said that she needed me to come in. 

This trip we have stored our bread in the microwave. She got all of the bread out, but she couldn't see the tortillas. So after having the popcorn on for over 2 minutes and nothing was popping, she began to smell a smell. It was the smell of tortilla baking. There weren't many tortillas, but they were enough to make the camper smell like a Mexican tortilla shop. Thankfully the clothes pin that was closing the bag didn't cause any sparks!

Currently, my crew is working through their showers. I am finishing the blog and might just request some library books! 

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