December 22, 2021

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  • We are certainly in Christmas vacation mode around here. It is kind of nice-we are staying up late and sleeping in. Whitman was the first one to wake up this morning-if I could just get him to start on the dishes and laundry early in the morning, that would be pretty handy.
  • I did those silly dishes and laundry this morning. I know the dishwasher was full because of the kids' birthday supper last night. But the laundry-we haven't gone anywhere, why are there so many clothes every single day?
  • Christmas preparations are in full swing around here. I made a mound of sugar cookie dough early this afternoon. Then later Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I worked on cutting out quite a few sugar cookies. I am not sure how many cookies we made-at first I was afraid that we wouldn't have enough, but after I baked the 6th or 7th pan, I changed my mind.
  • There was also lots of present wrapping today. Campbell and Reagan helped me wrap a little bit. Actually, we finished up the wrapping today-or at least I sure hope so. Reagan has become our main wrapper-she would be much happier if I had ribbon and bows though. Maybe next year I will buy some for her.
  • This evening we met the Wilsons at Iriana's for pizza. We arrived first, so it was just the 8 of us-my little family-when we were greeted with the warm greeting of, "we can't seat any large parties, do you want to order a pizza to go?" Now, that would be one thing if the place was full-but we could see at least 5 empty tables. Robby suggested that we split up which they were fine with. 
  • We split into 3 tables, and supper was pretty good. We had breadsticks, pizza and salad-all of which was very good. Robby did say that maybe we need to find a new spot for our downtown eating-the atmosphere was ho-hum. Paper plates, plastic silverware and that greeting!
  • Next up was walking through the Capitol Hotel. That is always a neat and festive spot. We walked around there and then drove to the Capitol building. It is tradition that we walk around there to look at the trees-though after walking through tonight I do believe that it is time for another capitol building tour for my kiddos.
  • Once at home, Robby turned on one of his documentaries. Some of the folks had desserts, and I worked on the blog for a little bit before we put this crew into their beds for the evening. 

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