December 10, 2021

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  • Robby and I both commented that we had crazy dreams last night. Later in the day, Reagan also chimed in with her crazy dream-including a tornado. And now, here we sit watching our Hallmark movie turned up a bit louder to drown out the tornado sirens that we hear. (No worries, yet, the tornado isn't here.)
  • Campbell and Keaton left right after 10 this morning because we had a Christmas party with the pregnancy center that we help at on Thursdays. It was very nice with soups, salads, and cupcakes. They even gave all of us a huge candle when we left. 
  • It was long for Campbell and Keaton, but they did just fine. I did reward them with a bag of candy on the way home when we picked up some pictures.
  • Once we did come home, I stated on a few projects and was just about to settle in for a nap when Reagan asked to go to Target. So we hurried to beat the rain and did our shopping-she was finishing up her shopping for her sibling gift.
  • I did some cricut work. Then when I was finished, Robby had supper ready for us-bread and baked ziti. We ate and did about 6 different ornaments from the tree and even pulled Santa so many times that we are no caught up. This made our dinner take just about forever, but everyone loved it.
  • After supper, Robby and I started on our evening Christmas movie. Keaton made some cookies, and ice cream is on the list for a snack later.

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