December 27, 2021-After Christmas Trip to Waco

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We woke up to my alarm and Bentley whining this morning. I actually think that my alarm wakes Bentley up better than it wakes me and Robby up. She got up, went potty, and then relaxed in her chair while Robby and I got up and worked like crazy people. 

Really, we didn't have to work too hard this morning. We had done most things yesterday-after I got ready, I took two more laundry baskets full of stuff out to the camper. Then there was the laundry to fold. Waking the kids up did take a little bit of time-Robby and I both had to wake them up. 

They do sometimes grumble and complain about going on trips, but they all really do seem to enjoy it. If they were miserable, then their attitudes would be miserable, and they are certainly not. Everyone has been completely pleasant today. 

We left around 10ish. The Wilsons followed us which I am sure made Tony crazy since we have to go a bit slower. They stopped in Texarkana for lunch, and we pressed on. Around Texarkana I did get up and start working on our lunches. Robby and I had some of Shannon's corn dip and spinach dip. While all of the kids except Graham had hot pockets. Graham had ramen.

I had never made ramen in the camper while flying down the road. It sure was an experience. I quickly realized that I needed to put a lid on that bowl since I could see water sloshing out of it while is was spinning in the microwave. I finally did heat it up adequately, but then I was super worried about Graham spilling it on himself and burning himself while eating. 

Not too much further down the road was Buccees. We filled up with gas and stopped to get out when someone pulled in beside us and started hollering at Robby. We quickly realized that is was someone who grew up at Geyer too. They waited for the Wilsons to arrive behind us so they could see them as well. So we all visited for a good while outside the gas station.

Once we made it inside Buccees, the kids got icees. Well, some did. Reagan chose a cup of cheese, Anderson got some of a chicken sandwich, we also bought cashews and a brisket sandwich along with a kolache for Robby and a scone for me. Oh, yes, and my girls were adamant that we needed a Buccee' Christmas ornament-so they finally decided on a 1 foot tall stuffed beaver wearing a Santa hat. Mercy, our tree already looks ridiculous with shoes, syrup bottles, a bat and mardi gras mask on it!

After Buccees, the traffic just really got worse. It took us probably an hour longer to make it to the campsite. It was almost dark when we arrived, but we have the most perfect spot (long, pull through, full hook up, plenty of room). Also it is just gorgeous. There is water on both sides of us-like we are out on a peninsula overlooking Waco Lake. Robby and I just got back from taking Bentley on a walk, and we could hear the lake water lapping on the shore, and it sounded like we were at the beach.

Once we unloaded the car and hooked up, we drove back into town and met the Wilsons at Georges. By the crowd that was there, this was definitely the right spot tonight. It was a happening place-we only waited 45 minutes which wasn't really too bad at all. 

Their servings were pretty big, and I think that everyone was pleased with their food. My meal was a bit different-chicken fried chicken topped with cheese dip served on mashed potatoes. I really did like it, but the cheese dip was a bit much for me. Graham had quesadillas, and they were absolutely huge. 

The gates at our campsite close-like really close-at 10 each night. So we were definitely looking at the clock. I did clock the mileage on our drive in tonight. It would have been a 1.2 mile hike in the dark, dark to get back to our camper if we had arrived after 10. I sure don't plan on doing that at all. 

We made it in plenty of time though-the kids hung out outside some tonight. Whitman worked on his Jr. Ranger book for tomorrow. Everyone had a cookie, and there was even time for ipads before bed. Bentley has just taken over Robby's spot, and I am about to get in the shower. It was a really perfect first day to our trip. 

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