December 4, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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Hammered dulcimer-that was the musical instrument that the lady was playing behind us last night while we ate dinner. I had to do a little bit of research to find that out, but now we know.

Hmm, let's see if I can remember this morning. We slept late-I was up until 2ish last night. Robby probably went to sleep about 1:30, but then I stayed up a little bit after that looking at my phone. Then we did wake up to go to the bathroom at 5, but after that we all slept well for a good long time.

There was really no hurry today. We had a 5 or so hour drive, but that was all. I heated up Robby and both big boys some sausage biscuits before we hit the road. I grabbed a granola bar and some shredded wheat for my breakfast. Really, I don't know how people eat that shredded wheat stuff-it isn't really that good. I mean, I can eat a few bites of it, but that is about all.

We might have stopped for gas once early in the day. Then how can you go through Ohio without stopping at Blue Ash Chili. We went to a new location for us. It was right on our way, and the parking was super easy for us. 

Robby ordered chili cheese dogs for all of us. They all come with about a cup of cheese on each one. Reagan had a salad that had at least 2 cups of cheese on it. Robby and I had jalapeno bottle caps on our chili dogs-of course that caused me to enjoy a tums after our meal.

We ate in the camper, and it was a perfect little stop. Robby was also able to run into Harbor Freight which was right next door to Blue Ash. What did we need? Duct tape-yep, we had a problem to fix. The round thing that covers the tire on one side of the car dolly has come unwelded a bit. We saw it while we were loading up the car this morning. 

I guess since it is unwelded, it bounces a lot more cause the tail light to come off (no wires broken so not a huge deal). However, we were worried that the unwelded part might come off or worse yet, hurt the tire so we wanted to secure it. We had tried earlier in the day, but his tape didn't really work well. 

And yes, there always seems to be things to fix when we come home from a trip-every trip. That is fine though because it is all still worth it. Thankfully, we have a friend that can weld the pieces back together, and the light replacement should be easy. The tape fix held well today, so hopefully it will continue to hold tomorrow as well.

Our rv park tonight is right near the Ark in Kentucky. We parked the camper in our spot, unloaded the car and headed to see the lights at the ark. Tonight you only had to pay to park, and then could walk around the grounds for free. (We had actually forgotten how expensive the ark was-yikes! Glad we didn't have to pay for that tonight.)

I guess since we didn't have to pay for that ark, we decided to eat supper at the buffet there. It wasn't cheap-though it was still a lot less than last night's supper. This buffet was huge. It was almost comical-when anyone would eat a bite of food, they would comment on it. We all became food critics for the evening. The bests-meatballs, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. The worst-the lemon bars. 

After eating, we headed outside-by this time it was dark, and you could see the lights that surrounded the ark and the grounds. They were really pretty. There wasn't a ton of lights, but it was just really tastefully done and enough to be pretty. 

We walked through a bit of the petting zoo-it wasn't as chilly as light night, but it was still really cold. I had on multiple layers again, but not many others did. The most interesting part was walking through an area that had free kangaroos hopping around-like they hopped over the same sidewalk that we were walking on.

Then we went to the playground-wow. It was a playground. A maze, some type of teeter totter that Robby and I even enjoyed playing with, 2 zipline type things-it was an awesome playground. The kids could have stayed there for a lot longer, but it is December and it is winter and it is cold.

We walked through the gift shops-even saw some of our homeschool books which made me super happy. Then we caught the bus and headed to the car. The camper was just a few minutes away. Once we were all inside, we started on making beds and settling in for the night. 

We are sleeping with the slides in tonight because the plan is to leave pretty early in the morning. With the slides in, the only people that have to move is Robby and I. Actually I don't have to move-I could stay here and sleep except there is no way that I could sleep in the back of this thing. We have a long drive tomorrow, but hopefully we will be up early and home at a decent time-that means that I shouldn't stay up until 2 tonight!

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