December 5, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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Since we knew that we were going to leave early in the morning last night, we tried to go to sleep a little bit early. Now, 1 and 2 had become our usual go sleep time lately, so anything before that was a bonus. Though it was one of those nights-people had to go to the bathroom, people were noisy, the dog was a bit restless, the trains kept rolling by-finally, he did get to sleep. I stayed up a little bit later because why not?

Robby's alarm went off at 5, 4 our time. By 5:30, I was standing outside helping get the car on the dolly. A little bit after that, I was crawling around in the back getting ready while we were zooming down the road. 

Now, this trip seems like it went by really quickly even though we were gone over a week. Today Robby asked me what my favorite was, and I could barely remember everything that we had done. Of course Greenfield Village was high on my list. And it was simple, but I really enjoyed Ted Drewes and his Christmas tree lot.

When I finally got myself settled in the front seat of the car, I had pretty much woke up Anderson and Graham. They were quiet for a while longer but were soon on their ipads. Keaton, Whitman, and Campbell didn't stir until at least 10 this morning. And Reagan, well, we saw her for the first time when we were filling up with gas in Little Rock.

We drove for a few hours this morning in the dark. Then we listened to one church service and then listened to their second service. And then finally it was time to listen to our church service. I tried to stay awake, but gracious I snoozed through the sermon. Good thing we weren't really there. 

We stopped right before our church came on at 9:30 for gas. We had already stopped once for Robby to go to the bathroom. That was our last stop until we were in Little Rock around 2. Now Bentley didn't go to the bathroom at the 9:30 stop so when we did make it home, she really did have to potty.

Overall, it was a smooth travel day. We did run into some rain. Of course that rain happened while I was trying to make lunch. Most everyone had hot pockets, an Robby had leftover bbq. Graham and I just found things to snack on, and Reagan just kept sleeping.

When we did make it home, the kid were great at helping unload. There isn't too much to unload, but there are lots of trips. We finished in no time at all. Robby continued to work on things outside while I went in to put the piles away inside. 

So far I have washed and dried 5 loads of laundry, 1 load is in the dryer now, 1 in the washer and I have at least 3 or 4 more to do tomorrow. When the laundry was under way, I joined Robby laying in the bed for a little bit-well, we still squeezed in our Sunday afternoon naps. 

I finally did get up to keep the laundry going. There were lots of interruptions during our nap-people wanting popsicles, people moving the cars to play basketball, people asking questions, people washing the dog-I can't really complain though because we still did sleep some.

Around 7:30 tonight, we went to the Wilson's house for Sunday night supper. Shannon had beans and cornbread, and it was all delicious. I think that I could eat that every night when it is cold outside. We didn't stay too long because we were getting a bit sleepy.

At home, I folded one last load of laundry, the rest can wait until tomorrow, then it was time for bed for my people because it was time for bed for me.

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