December 29, 2021-After Christmas Trip to Waco

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Bentley climbed in our bed around 2 again this morning. I didn't hear her at all, but a bit later I woke up to go to the bathroom and had to climb over Robby and her. I also woke up a few more times during the evening to go to the bathroom, because I was hot from a dog laying on me, or because I was cold from Bentley taking my covers. Despite all of this, we slept wonderfully well and woke up ready to go.

The kids found themselves breakfasts, and soon we were on the road to the Dr. Pepper Museum. The museum is right next to the silos so we knew right where we were going. It was a neat little museum-all about Dr. Pepper. 

The kids' favorite part was over course the free Dr. Pepper sample at the end. Of course we have all had Dr. Pepper but a few cup of it was nice for sure. Quite a few of us upgraded our free drink to a Dr. Pepper float. I am a sucker for ice cream and floats for sure.

Now, probably about Easter Anderson stopped drinking cokes. Maybe even before. Just because he wanted to see if he could do it. He didn't tell us for a long while, but he hasn't faltered at all. He certainly has some determination or stubbornness. Either way, good for him. 

A few weeks ago and possibly even a month ago, Graham joined him in this. So now it has become a bet with the high stakes of 5 dollars resting on it. They are both determined-and they must talk so much about it that Whitman at one point decided that he wanted to join the challenge. I encouraged him to try it out for a few days, and urged the big boys to discourage him since I didn't just want them taking his money. He quickly opted out before he had to bet any real money.

So at the end of the museum, we were given a free cup of Dr. Pepper. We knew about this, and Robby and I had made it clear that all bets were off for this glass of Dr. Pepper. That's fun to have a bet, try to do something and even be healthier, but you do have to live a little-and living today was drinking a glass of Dr. Pepper. They didn't complain too much about this-I do believe that Dr. Pepper is Anderson's favorite soft drink.

After the museum, we headed to Mammoth Site-apparently they have found Mammoth dinosaur bones in the area. It is a National Park site so of course there were books to stamp (we forgot them but did stamp a piece of paper to later put in the books) and there was a Jr. Ranger badge to get. Whitman is the only one who turned in the booklet-but at least 3 other kids helped fill in the pages. I have decided that we don't really need more than one Jr. Ranger badge at each park so there is no reason to print out that many books.

This park had a place where you could pay 5 apiece to go in a look at Mammoth fossils that they are excavating. We have seen a bone before, so we passed on that. And really, the site says that these fossils are millions of years old (evolution). However, the earth is only 5-10 thousand years old (creationism)-and I want my kids to hear that message more than anything else. 

My kids understanding creationism and understanding why we believe that the earth is only a thousands of years old is important. And it makes me panicked that I only have so long with them to teach them all of the things-but they sure don't know a lot. Today, Reagan thought it was rude that a sign called the person that passed out the Dr. Pepper a "soda jerk." She didn't know that was their name. The boys had never seen the tire thing that you must exit one way or it will pop your tires. Anderson had never seen a beacon from an airport. Reagan wanted to pay 50 percent more for a book so she could get it now instead of getting it next week. These are just my big kids-l better get to work or they will never make it in society. 

I better move on from that paragraph because it does make my want to breathe in a bag. At the National Park site, we walked around the gift shop areas and walked down a little trail, but soon we were back at our cars.

Our car headed back to the camper. We did a quick turnaround and were soon on the road in the camper instead of the car. We left the car and dolly back at the campsite so Bentley could go with us on the next adventure. 

We drove 2 hours towards Austin to eat at Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood.The Wilson's had been there before, we but we had not. We knew it was a huge place when we googled the parking lot-you do that when you drive the camper anywhere. 

The outside waiting area had about 100 tables with lights on the trees and live music playing. It was really neat. The wait for all of us was just about 45 minutes. We were called to our table-a long table in the middle of a room with about 30 or so other tables. There were at least 2 other rooms just like that.

The food was good-I am not a foodie nor am I a meat loving girl, however, I did enjoy the meal. We ordered 5 different plates: 2 chopped beef sandwiches, 2 pulled pork sandwiches, and 1 rib and sausage plate. All of the plates came with potato salad and beans. 

No one was too crazy about the beans, but the potato salad was good. Not really like any potato salad that I have had before. More like cold potatoes with a little bit of potato salad sauce. The sandwiches had 1/2 pound of meat-I ate a 1/4th of the sandwich and was completely full. We actually ordered the perfect amount of food-we didn't have enough leftovers to take home, and no one wanted any more of what was leftover. Now, as soon as Keaton took her first bite, she did lean over to me and tell me that she liked her Daddy's bbq better.

After eating, we walked through the gift shop and headed back to the cars. Brett rode with us since the boys were watching the Hogs game. Reagan loves this store called Brandy Melville. (I dislike it because it is expensive and clothes only come in one size-skinny.) Anyway, it was right by the interstate so we went there. It was also right in the biggest outdoor mall that we had ever seen. Imagine a mall 10 times bigger than the ones similar in Little Rock. 

Robby dropped the girls off, and we met the Wilson's at Reagan's store. She tried her hardest to find something, but only found some jewelry which Campbell and Keaton did as well. Then we walked around a little bit more-sneaky Robby though parked the caper and found himself an ice cream place for him and the boys. 

We met back at the camper and then headed to Buccees. We needed gas at the store, but surprisingly didn't buy anything else at all. There is another Buccees tomorrow around lunch, and we will probably buy stuff then.

From Buccees we headed back to the campsite. Now, our silly GPS has taken us back to this campsite about 12 different ways. Tonight's way was the most fun since we drove by some really big houses-of course it was dark making it hard to see. 

Once back at the campsite, we all stared working-pajamas, making beds, straightening, sweeping, taking the trash out, hooking up, putting the dolly on, hooking up the car-sometimes it surprises me how much we can get done when all of our people are working.

It is 10:40-everyone is in bed and ready for bed except for me. I am about to take my shower and then I will bed down as well. 

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