December 21, 2021-Happy 12th Birthday Campbell!

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  • We were in no rush again this morning-I think that Christmas break agrees with my kiddos. I just need for it to agree with Bentley a little bit more. She woke up early this morning, and then after a while she demanded to go on our walk. I guess she is a little more grounded in her routine than the others.
  • It was a long while until the birthday girl woke up. I think that I had pretty much cleaned quite a bit of the house before she came downstairs. She wasn't awake very long when her and Robby left for a birthday celebration.
  • I thought that it was just her and Robby. They have been gone over an hour when I realized that I couldn't find Keaton. By this time, I decided that it was too late to ask if she was with him-I didn't want to look like a bad mom since she had been "missing" for quite a while. Thankfully when they did come home, Keaton was with them.
  • They went to Taco Bell which was Campbell's choice for her birthday lunch. Then they ran to Walmart for some Christmas shopping before picking up cookies from The Cupcake Factory. When they came home, we sang to Campbell.
  • Soon it was time to start working on her birthday supper-poppyseed chicken, greenbeans, and rolls. The cake had been made yesterday. Since we were also celebrating Anderson with the grandparents and Jason tonight he requested mac and cheese along with cheesecake to be added to the menu. 
  • It was quite the spread and everything turned out well. The poppyseed chicken is a hit around here since even Anderson likes it. We made one batch with rice and one without-the batch without rice was definitely a hit since we almost finished it off.
  • After eating, the kids opened their presents from the grandparents. Campbell had quite a few things including a speaker and a pillow. Anderson added to his collection of Funko Pops along with a new game for his xbox. 
  • I think that they both enjoyed their birthday celebrations today. 

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