Christmas Ornament Countdown 2021: Merry Christmas!

This was the 10th year for our Christmas Ornament Countdown, and I sure hope that you enjoyed it. I am not sure what I will do next year since this is the first time ever that I have showcased all of my ornaments on the blog. I don't have any leftovers to do next year. If you are a faithful reader, then you have read about all 318 of our Christmas ornaments. Some are quite traditional while others are a little bit wacky. However, each of them make me smile when I see them. Often during the days before Christmas, the kids pick an ornament for Robby to describe to the others so they can guess which ornament it is. They love doing this, and I love all of the memories that our ornaments provide.

Today's ornament was one of our favorites from last year. There wasn't a lot of travel opportunities last year when the world shut down. We were able to celebrate Christmas and Anderson's birthday in South Carolina. In Charleston, we camped in a James Island County Park which had a huge Christmas light display. 

The display was completely amazing. We drove around twice actually because there were so many things to see. Also that park was such a great place to camp in. There were bike trails, playgrounds, lakes, and even a dog park. It is on a short list of places that we would love to go back to. Here is the link to a blog post from that day.

I am super thankful that you have read our ornament countdowns. And I hope that you have an excellent Christmas day surrounded by family, friends and wonderful food and make tons of memories. 

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