December 6, 2021

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  • Getting up this morning was difficult for everyone around here. Robby was the grown up first and was the first out of bed this morning. I was awake and working on the never ending laundry before any of the kids woke up. Whitman was the first one to wake up and come down the stairs.
  • Speaking of the laundry-I am done. I actually still have our comforter from the camper in the dryer, but other than that I am done. Now, I basically have been washing and drying laundry all day long today. 
  • By 10:30 I had woken everyone up. We did a bit of our school work. I actually had already worked with Whitman before this. We all did some reading and then the kids worked on their fun little thing-it's a pet shop that they are having to work on which is all math for them to do! 
  • There was our Bible study to work on with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Then Whitman helped me make some banana bread for Nonna, Grannymom and even a loaf for our house. I didn't cook them long enough. I didn't want to burn them, and then they turned out underdone-urgh, ours was still edible though and is pretty much completely gone.
  • We delivered the bread to Nonna after a quick trip to the library. Then it was back home for a few minutes before taking the bread to Grannymom's house. When we left there, we ran to the grocery store for a few minutes and then picked up pizza for our supper.
  • When we came home, Campbell had cookies cooking in the oven. We ate pizza and then all settled in for the evening. It was a pretty low key day around here for sure.

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