December 23, 2021

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  • Graham was the first one awake this morning. I am not sure why he was up first since he usually isn't-well, he might be but he sure doesn't come downstairs first. I couldn't convince him to come on my walk with Bentley though.
  • As soon as I finished with my morning chores, I went upstairs to ask Keaton and Campbell if they wanted to go to the store with me. I whispered to Keaton first-Campbell overheard and was a bit frustrated with me that I wasn't asking her. I had planned to ask her, but was just whispering to one person at a time.
  • They both went with me to Kroger and gracious, it was super crazy. We found quite a few things on the list-but they were out of sausage and bacon. That was fine since I knew Robby and I were headed out to Walmart/Sams later today.
  • We did celebrate our successful shopping trip with a few Starbucks drinks. That made everyone happy-especially me since that was my first caramel apple cider drink of the season. 
  • As soon as we had finished unloading the groceries, we grabbed a bite of lunch. Then it was time to decorate our sugar cookies. There were about a zillion cookies to decorate-and everyone helped...until the last dozen that I had to do myself. I actually would eat one right now, but we told the kids tonight that these cookies were not to eat!
  • When the cookie decorating was finished, Robby and I left to run to Sams and Walmart. We did stop for ice cream on the way to Grannymom's house-also my first ice cream of the Christmas season (well, not really, but let's just say it was.)
  • Back at home, we heated up some chicken for supper. It was a pretty good supper which we ended with our Christmas ornaments, pulling Santa, making reindeer food and some reading. It was a busy evening which we ended with showers for some along with a few Christmas movies. 

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