December 17, 2021

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  • We did pretty much nothing today but were busy the entire day. I slept a bit longer than usual-I think that I said that yesterday too. We did our last bit of school work for the week (I still plan on little bit of work next week-shhh, don't tell the kids.)
  • I was just about finished with school work when Robby came in and said, "Let's go." So I took about 10 minutes and was ready. This was teacher appreciation lunch out today-or at least that is what we called it.
  • We went to Three Fold Dumplings which had been on my list for a very long time. It was good-but we decided that we like the dumplings from Trader Joes even better plus we can feed the whole family at least 2 meals for the same price.
  • After we finished eating, I returned something at Kohls-this left me with 15 dollars of Kohls cash to spend. I walked around the store trying to find something-stocking stuffers? nope, already have too many, but could start collecting for next year, something for Robby? could't find anything quickly, a new bra? dang, they were too expensive. I finally settled on a package of socks. 
  • Then we went to Kroger for pick up a few things-yes, this is at least the 9th day in a row we have been to the grocery store. I bought a few gifts there along with a few things that we need for tomorrow. 
  • Then a quick walk around the Costco-we only bought two things-what we came in there for. There were other things that I certainly could have bought as gifts, but I am all done-well, there is one more thing I need to pick up. 
  • Back at home, we started a project that took the rest of the night and really most of the evening. we worked on the bonus room. We scooted the tv over to the middle of the wall-that meant that Robby had to redo all of the cords which took a long while. As he was working, I dusted everything and started moving things around.
  • When the cords were finished, we moved the couch and vacuumed it all around. Then we moved the table and the treadmill. Of course that mean that the other treadmill had to come downstairs-it is nice to have some big boys now. They did most of the work-well, they did most of the work along with Robby. I did help a tiny bit, but not too much.
  • Right now, we have just eaten ice cream and Keaton and Robby just finished making rice krispy treats. And I am working on watching my first Christmas movie for the week.

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