December 13, 2021-Happy 15th Birthday Anderson!

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  • We celebrated Anderson's birthday today by letting the kids sleep in for a little bit. Well, 10:30 is our normal Christmas break work together time, but I at least tried to be quieter until it was 10:30ish. 
  • Whitman was the first to wake up, and then the boys woke up a bit before it was time to work together. I did have everyone else do their school work today, but I let Anderson have the day off from school work and chores. This he loved-the others not so much!
  • I did take Anderson shopping with me this afternoon. We stopped at Sonic first for him a breakfast burrito. Our initial plan had been go to go Dollar Tree for him to buy gifts for his siblings. However, he said he didn't mind me going to Walmart too-so I turned around and went home for my list.
  • We did some of his shopping, and we did some of my shopping-I tried to do mine quickly and came to the realization that I can spend a hundred buck in no time at all.
  • We came home, and I made some manicotti to freeze. There was a good deal on ricotta cheese. After working on my manicotti, I rested my eyes until it was time for us to go and pick up supper. Anderson wanted ChickFilA for supper-and he wanted his own mac and cheese. So that is exactly what he got.
  • We were able to sing Happy Birthday to him. After we ate, we pulled Santa and talked about some ornaments. Then we played the game Code Names. It is a hoot when we all play that game-everyone guesses the words a bit differently. 
  • When the game was over, the kids all had some ice cream. Well, Keaton didn't since she doesn't eat ice cream, and Anderson, Robby and I didn't since we had a shake before our suppers.

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