December 9, 2021

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  • Whitman was again the first one awake. I waited for a long while for one of his brothers to yell at him this morning since I heard him talking to someone long before he came downstairs. He talked and talked and talked. I guess that the big boys were both awake up there already or they were very patient.
  • I walked the dog, worked with Whitman, loaded paper products in the camper and was very productive this morning before we even did any reading together. I had a large pile of books that I wanted to get through during our Christmas break time-I am not so sure that is going to happen now. 
  • I always get more library books than I need. Just today Whitman told me that I didn't need to get him anymore books since he was never going to be able to read them all. All of his books right now are some kind of chapter book or something longer than just a picture book. That's all well and good, but I guess having 30 or so of them kind of overwhelmed him today. His current book list includes titles such as Climate Change, Extreme Physics, Human Body, Boxcar Children and Elf Academy.
  • After our school work, it was just about time to go to the pregnancy center today. Campbell and Keaton joined me. We did the diapers and then made sure some bins were neat before we headed on our way. We had some extra time so we ran into Kroger to pick up a few things.
  • Then we weren't home long before we turned around and went to Graham and Keaton's practices. I went to the Dollar Tree (not 1.25 yet) with Reagan and Campbell during Keaton's practice. Then we came back to watch Graham finish his practice. 
  • Once we came home, Robby had supper ready for us. We all ate and then started on some of our Christmas traditions.
  • So let's talk about one of our Christmas traditions. We have been running a bit late on our ornaments and pulling Santa around here. Mainly this was because of our trip, but also because bedtime and evenings always seem to be a bit hectic.
  • Before we had kids, we had a little Santa Clause in a chimney that has pieces you pull down each day causing Santa to fall closer and closer to the bottom each day. Tonight Robby had the kids draw numbers to see who pulls Santa on what nights. This was crazy since usually it is all scheduled and even, but this month there is no even about it. For example Anderson is pulling Santa three days in a row.
  • Now, that is not when things get crazy nor is that the kids favorite. I will bet that when they are old, they will still remember us doing this on the nights leading up to Christmas-talking about an ornament. The kids take turns picking an ornament. Robby then describes the ornament to everyone until people can guess what ornament and trip it is. 
  • All kinds of hilarity happens during this. Tonight one of the ornaments was from the Laurel and Hardy museum-Reagan had no idea what this place was even though we went last year. Then the next ornament she was the only one who know that Omaha was in Nebraska. While Robby describes the ornaments, it is loud with people shouting and yelling out their guesses, and there is always a lot of laughter. 
  • We were able to catch up to December the 4th tonight with our Santa pulling and ornament guessing. That just leaves us a few days behind. After we did catch up tonight, Robby and I headed off to the Wilson's house for a few minutes.
  • Then when we did come back home, the kids had already had their snack, and it was time for bed for the crew.

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