December 25, 2021-Merry Christmas

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  • Let's see, Robby and I were not up too late last night working on getting Christmas things out. I was worried that my Christmas stockings were going to be completely over the top, but when they were stuffed in the stocking, stacked neatly in the Sonic box and set next to it was a lot, but it wasn't excessive. The stockings are my favorite part of Christmas gifts. 
  • Our alarm went off at 6:45 this morning, but we didn't get out of bed until right after 7. I got myself ready and then went to work in the kitchen-I made the monkey breads and mixed up the casserole. Now, it wasn't too difficult because I had everything out on the counter plus I had all of the ingredients premeasured in the fridge. It didn't take too long.
  • Though I guess that it did take a minute, because at 7:30 the upstairs people started getting a little bit restless-like a lot restless. We had told them that 7:30 would be our wake up time, and it was nearly 7:40 by the time we went up to get them. We almost had a revolt on our hands. 
  • Soon enough it was time for the kids to come downstairs. Of course we have to take a few obligatory pictures of them on the steps-we barely did get Reagan out of bed in time for that pictures.
  • The first thing everyone does when they get downstairs is to open their stockings. That was a lot of fun-some of them knew most things that would be in there. For the last month, if I have been shopping with people, and they see something they like, and it was rather inexpensive, then I buy it. 
  • Next up were the other presents-at our house the kids get a Santa gift, a gift form mom and dad and a gift from the sibling that draws their name (I also pay for that gift.) Here is the run down on the gifts: Reagan received some shoes, a sweater, necklace and make up bags. Anderson got a computer, ear thingymabobs, and a funko pop. Graham got a jersey along with a trip to a basketball game, a game and two different basketballs and a funko pop. Campbell received cooking camp this summer, a basket full of things from Reagan, and some shoes. Keaton also gets to go to cooking camp this summer, and she received a projector and more squishmellows. Finally Whitman got a box full of coding stuff, a movie gift basket and a funko pop and glowing ball. Robby had a few gifts including his favorite-dump buddy, and my favorite, once it is a little bit cooler, will be my hot chocolate bombs.
  • We had almost finished cleaning up when Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa all arrived for breakfast. We had monkey bread, muffins, a tater tot casserole, grapes, and sausage balls along with chocolate milk and orange juice. Pops brought his coffee maker too. Everyone ate breakfast and looked at all of the kids' presents.
  • We normally go to eat lunch at Dana's house for Christmas, but she has a sick kiddo so we had to skip that tradition. It did make our afternoon a bit more relaxing-we all played Family Feud and finished Elf from last night. 
  • We were able to get this place pretty straightened up before leaving for the Dennie family circle tonight. We started the evening with two games of Left, Right, Center. Shelley won the money at my circle, and Keaton was the big winner in the other circle. The last time that we played that game at a Dennie Family circle, Keaton was also the winner.
  • Then we moved on to supper-Grannymom had quiche, and we had brought some other little things to munch on. After everyone finished eating, it was finally time to open presents. Dana had my name and I got a cute brown vest along with a black dressy sweatshirt. I was about to say that might wear the sweatshirt tomorrow, but it is just a bit too warm for that though right now.
  • My kiddos had a bunch of presents tonight-Whitman's favorite was pajamas, Anderson really liked his xbox game that I had convinced him he wasn't getting. Graham was happy with his sweatshirt to wear with his jersey. Campbell and Keaton were both pretty excited about their little purses. Reagan has been waiting to open her alpaca sweater from New Mexico. 
  • There was dessert and lots of catching up afterwards. When we did get home, we unloaded the car and put stuff away. And then, well, we did the unthinkable-started taking down the Christmas decorations.
  • I sometimes feel guilty about this, but today I sure didn't. Those decorations and trees have been up since the middle of November, and it was time. It took Robby and I about 2 and a half hours to put everything away. The big boys helped me unload and reload the attic. We finished around 11 just in time to put the kids into bed.
  • I am about to take my shower and then catch up on everyone else's Christmases on the internet.

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