December 14, 2021

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  • Today was the first of our Christmas party days. I probably shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, but we were still wide awake at 2 this morning. I still was the first one out of bed this morning though the big boys were awake earlier than I would have expected them to be up.
  • Some nights I add things to the dishwasher and then don't close it back all the way. Last night was one of those nights-for the day to run smoothly, the dishwasher needs to be clean in the morning so we can start reloading it with breakfast dishes. So that was a bit frustrating for me. 
  • We do however use a lot more paper places and paper dishes these days. I guess that it bad for the environment, but more importantly, it probably isn't too good for our budget. However, some days I do think that it is worth it.
  • We did our little bit of school work, and then it was party prep time. Keaton worked quite a bit today getting things ready for her Christmas party tonight. Thankfully, it was a super simple party so there wasn't too much prep for me.
  • That was a good thing since I spent a good bit of the afternoon away. I took Anderson and Graham to their dentist appointments-Cavities. Well, Anderson had one or two spots that were cavities but Graham had a small hole that wasn't a cavity (but it still had to be filled so to me it counts as a cavity.) Thirty minutes there and two hundred bucks-ouch!
  • Of course I spent money too there and on the way home. First I ran by Bath and Body on the way there-I had a coupon. Then to Walmart on the way home followed by Sonic for the boys a treat. (Though really should you get a treat when you have a cavity. Your treat should be toothpaste or a new toothbrush.) And finally a trip to the Dollar General to buy a Christmas present. 
  • Yes, I am still buying Christmas presents-I have a small one for Reagan, 3 grandma gifts left to buy, 1 other one and a little bit of stocking stuff. I am getting there-but I really need for some of my packages for get here! 
  • At 6 tonight, Keaton had her Christmas party. She invited 5 little sweet friends. They were a lot of fun. She had some games to play-Red light, green light, Telestrations, Spoons and some other minute to win it type games. 
  • They wore their Christmas pajamas and had breakfast for supper. Then they played Dirty Santa with their Christmas presents. Robby took Anderson to basketball practice during the party, and they returned just as everything was clean at home. 
  • Right now we are putting the kids in bed, and I plan on watching a movie tonight! I better finish this blog so I can get my movie started before I fall asleep tonight.

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