December 12, 2021

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  • I hope that you have not been waiting up to read my blog tonight. We have been laying in bed watching tv and playing on our phones for a good while now. Robby was about to turn off the lights when he asked if I had done the blog today-nope, I hadn't even thought about it.
  • I guess I didn't think about it because I have not picked up my computer today up until now. I did everything else that I usually do at night time-at least I think so. The dishes are started, the laundry is in the wash, and school is out for tomorrow, but I sure never thought about the blog.
  • The morning started with us getting all ready for church. Waking the kids up takes both of us going upstairs at different times. They sleep pretty good because we are letting them stay up pretty late. I guess that we are just a whole family of night owls.
  • I was told that church was a bit short this morning-I didn't notice that, but I did notice that we had a big group of first graders today. They are certainly the easiest group around right now. We didn't have to teach today so we worked on Christmas cards for the kiddos.
  • Then it was on to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. It was all very good, and we began Anderson's birthday celebrations with a cake. The cake was from Costco I might add, and it was pretty decent. I do not like cake really anymore so for me to say that it was good should mean something.
  • When we left Nonna's house, I went to work in the kitchen. We needed some hamburger meat for tonight, so it was just as easy to fry up the other 4 pounds of meat. That took a while, plus there was a pound of sausage to fry. I was able to clean the kitchen too during all of this.
  • Oh, also Reagan was making oatmeal cookies for her lifegroup tonight. We didn't have enough oats so I had to run to Dollar General to buy some. It didn't take too long and soon the kitchen was clean and all the cooking was finished.
  • Then it was time to take Reagan to Candice's house so they could go to their lifegroup together, and to take the big boys to church for their lifegroup and about that time Brett came to pick up Keaton for church as well. Lots of churchiness happening tonight.
  • Back at home, I did have about 20 minute nap before I started working on cornbread for tonight. Robby was in the middle of making a crescent roll recipe (very good, I might add) when he realized it was time to pick up the boys. 
  • So I headed out for that trip leaving my cornbread for Keaton to finish when she finished making the brownies that she was working on. Let's talk about that for a minute-Keaton made cookies yesterday, made brownies and cornbread today. Whitman is just a year younger than her, and he probably doesn't know where the oven is. I don't really even like for him to pour his own milk while his sister, just a bit older, is practically a chef.
  • When I returned from picking up the boys, the Wilsons had already arrived for supper. Brett and Campbell made it back so we then started eating. Reagan showed up a good deal later in time for dessert. 
  • After the Wilsons left, we straightened and sent everyone to bed. Then we started watching our Sunday night you tube shows before Robby reminded me about this blog. Now everyone is all caught up, and I can go to bed-not really, I have about 3 more Christmas presents to buy, and I have absolutely no idea so I will do a bit of shopping or at least research before going to sleep tonight.

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