December 30, 2021-After Christmas Trip to Waco

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We slept with the slides in so we didn't have to move any of the kids to put the slides in when we left this morning. Robby was up first, and I was soon after him. It didn't take us long to pull out of the campsite and be on our way.

Our first stop was the kolache capital of the world-well, I really don't know if that is true or not because I think that I just made that up. Anyway, there were about 20 folks in there buying kolaches. It was packed with food everywhere. There were more different kinds of kolaches than I had ever seen. 

We went back to the camper and heated them up in the microwave. Robby said that these were much better than the kolaches that he usually buys at Buccees. There were cream cheese ones, nutella ones, sausage ones, cheese ones, pepperoni ones, you name it-they had it. 

Son we were back on the road. Everyone but Whitman had woken up to eat our little breakfast. Campbell did heat him up a cinnamon roll from the stop for his breakfast when he finally did wake up. I had to walk buy him and push him more onto his bed at least twice today so he wouldn't fall into the floor.

The next stop was Buccees. We weren't in there too long-long enough for me to go to the bathroom, the kids to get icees and us to wait in the check out line. It it a happening place-and the kids always notice the amounts that the employees are paid-16 starting out up to 40 something an hour. Apparently, we are all going to work at Buccees when we grow up.

There was really only one other stop-a rest stop for Robby to go to the bathroom and then we were home. It was really a good trip-Robby and I mentioned that one of the best things when traveling is seeing all of the kids get along. I love watching Reagan, Anderson and Graham all laugh and talk together while we are traveling-usually they are all in separate rooms.

Once at home, we unloaded the camper and started immediately on cleaning that baby. We are cleaning it more since we will winterize it tomorrow because of the super cold weather coming. I am excited about the weather because I will be able to use my hot chocolate bombs from Christmas over the next few days. 

We have about 6 more loads of laundry to do to be caught up. I am washing every single thing this time. Usually I don't wash sleeping bags but this time I am so my laundry is a bit more. That is fine though since there isn't too much going on over the next few days. 

Currently, the boys are playing xbox, Campbell is down stairs on her ipad, Keaton and Whitman are watching a movie on her projector, and Reagan is on the phone with a friend. It is a pretty relaxing evening here at the Dennie house.

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