December 15, 2021

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  • Today was Christmas party #2 day so there was plenty to do all the day long We started off with our normal routine-dishes, laundry, Bentley's walk. Then I worked with Whitman before starting school with the others. 
  • All of the boys were up way early this morning. They said that they set their alarm clocks which is crazy. I guess they planned on doing a lot of things today-they at least did stay busy and even played basketball for a good while outside.
  • This afternoon Campbell and I worked on her party prep. We dipped spoons in chocolate and even made a huge ice cream cookie. This meant that we had to cook two huge chocolate chip cookies. I quickly realized that I needed parchment paper for my life to be easier so I went to the store and bought some. 
  • Robby took me to the library so I could pay my fines-it is food for fines week so that is nice (though my fine was just 1.78). Then we ran to Costco-one of my big gifts I had bought and then we found it 10 dollars cheaper. And of course, there was a trip to the grocery store that was needed. Hopefully I will not have to go to the grocery store until Sunday at I will have to go on Saturday for things for Sunday. Maybe I should work at the grocery store so I could get a discount.
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly, and soon Campbell's party guests were arriving. She had about 12 people here tonight. They were a pretty mild bunch this evening-mild but loud for sure. 
  • Campbell had a host of games to play, but she only got through about half of them. They played bingo first. Then Robby arrived with pizza for everyone. 
  • Afterwards, there was Dirty Santa with all of their gifts. Campbell was excited that she ended up with her gift-a huge straw in the shape of glasses and some cokes. There was an ice cream sandwich next followed by a long game of Spoons. The girls really got into that game which was fun to watch. 
  • Finally it was time for the hot cocoa bar. We had a whole spread of things to put into their hot cocoa. That was really fun-and everything that was leftover we saved for Reagan's party tomorrow night. I think that hot cocoa bar was my favorite part of the party-I had some hot chocolate even, but I didn't put anything in my cup.
  • After the hot chocolate it was time for folks to leave. They girls started leaving, and my crew started helping to straighten things. And if you do notice Campbell's shirt in tonight's pictures-she designed it herself, and we made it this afternoon.  

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