February 10, 2022

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  • This Thursday started off a bit weird. When I woke Whitman up, he came downstairs and said that he was going to start on some of his school work. And he did just that-it was strange. It helped though because by 11:30 he was completely finished with school even working with me.
  • Overall, Thursdays are nice days around here. Reagan and Anderson go to Comm Central which isn't what makes it nice. It is just nice because most of the kids finish fairly quickly which means my day is much shorter. 
  • That is exactly what happened today-except it made the first part of my day a bit crazy since everyone was ready to work with me at once. 
  • Robby took Campbell and Keaton to Nonna's house around 11:30. They went to grab a bite to eat, and then the girls went to the cookie lady's house to do some cooking. They were there pretty much all of the afternoon. 
  • The girls and Ms. Joann made cowboy cookies, almond joy cookies, snickerdoodles, and sugar cookies. They were definitely busy, and the girls really had a good time. I think that they were a bit tired when they finally did get home.
  • I went to the pregnancy center this afternoon for a little bit. I did a lot of folding clothes and some diaper bagging. The people there are so incredibly kind that I just love going there despite it being a bit farther than I would like.
  • I did run to the Kroger on that side of town since we heard that their Blue Bell was only 4 dollars. And yes, I did buy 10 gallons of Blue Bell-I know a good deal. I also bought 2 bags of potatoes to make my cart look more healthy. Kidding, the potatoes were on sale too.
  • I was just home for about 20 minutes before it was time for me to leave again with Graham for his last basketball practice. We also met Nonna and picked up Campbell and Keaton on the way to practice.
  • While Graham was practicing, we ran to Hobby Lobby and bought one thing for the camper. Then to Michaels and Hobby Lobby where we bought 2 things for stockings. Just FYI our Dollar Tree has officially raised their prices to 1.25. 
  • Back at home, Robby had lasagna heated up for our supper. We also ate quite a few of the girls' cookies for our dessert. We all ate and then some folks started on showers. I worked on the blog for a little bit this evening, and my next project is going to be....possibly a nap before bedtime.

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