February 8, 2022

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  • Robby did wake up this morning to make sure that Brett left early this morning. He is staying over here since his folks are living it up in Fayetteville. I did hear Robby get up, but since he did actually get up, I didn't have to worry about my having to get out of bed that early.
  • It wasn't too much longer until it was time for me to get up to start getting my crew awake and ready for the day. Reagan and Anderson had comm central today so they left while the rest of us were reading.
  • When we finished that, everyone started on their school work. Yesterday, I was working late in the afternoon, but for some strange reason today, I was again. That could have been because I spent a good deal of the day waiting for Whitman to come inside to work with me.
  • He spent a lot of time on the trampoline. The trampoline still had about 6-8 inches of solid ice on it. They worked and worked to get those pounds and pounds of ice off so they could jump. It took multiple attempts today to finally get it jumpable.
  • I did squeeze in the treadmill before Reagan and Anderson came home from school. I eventually had to work with Reagan later today on her ACT work. Good times-she takes is this weekend so if you think of it, send up some prayers. She will do just fine, but we need a specific score for some classes next year. 
  • Anderson and Whitman spent a long while on the trampoline too this afternoon. They had Bentley with them and were out for a long while. I know this because this was one of the times that I was again waiting on Whitman to come in and do a little bit of work.
  • Graham spent his day anxiously awaiting 6 to come around so he could see the Hogs play. We watched the first half of the game while eating spaghetti. I think that everyone was nervous as we were eating because I had to make more!
  • Eventually Anderson and I went to his basketball practice. I listened to the game and only hurried into the store to grab some milk. Then it was back to the car to hear the Hogs win. The radio folks were pretty interesting to listen to during the celebration of the game. 
  • Anderson had a gift card that he spent on the way home-10 dollars worth of ice cream from Cold Stone made him pretty happy and me pretty jealous. When we made it home, they were still celebrating the win!

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