February 19, 2022

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  • Another early morning-I had to let the neighbor dogs out while Robby had to sign the girls up for their cooking camps this summer. My dog letting out went easier than his. He wasn't able to get the camp that Campbell wanted. However, she will get to do baking camp with Keaton so it really will work out well.
  • After all of this excitement, we never really went back to sleep. Bentley continued to shake her head this morning even after a bit of ear cleaning out medicine last night. We checked and the vet was open, so they let me come and just but her some medicine.
  • We made the vet stop, then we went to Sonic for a little breakfast for us. (Mine was no good-nor was it very breakfasty). Then we went to buy doughnuts for the kids, and finally I ran into the library to pick up some books. We were not gone for a very long time, but it was beginning to feel like it by the time that we did make it home.
  • I think that all of the kids were awake when we did get back with doughnuts. It probably helped that I had text everyone saying that we did have breakfast with us. Eventually, Robby and I started watching a Hallmark movie, but by that time I was getting sleepy so we had to pause it.
  • I did run to pick up one of Keaton's friends to spend the night and soon afterwards another one came over. So Keaton has her two little besties over here tonight. They have loved getting to go to the neighbors to help feed their dogs. 
  • Anderson had his ballgame tonight. He is getting a bit more confidence-even made the first points for his team. They did pretty good tonight, and despite the loss I still think that he has a good time.
  • After the game, we picked up supper at ChickFilA for all of the kids (well, Whitman wanted a grilled cheese). Robby and I had Arbys-which I really like, but it is almost as expensive as ChickFilA. 
  • Back at home, the kids ate while I cooked Whitman's sandwich and Robby took care of Annie. Keaton and her buddies are watching tv while awaiting a cookie deliver. The boys have all had showers-well, Whitman is in there now. Then I will have to start cycling the girls through the showers as well. Plus I sure hope to be able to finish my movie this evening.

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