February 11, 2022

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  • I took super advantage of not having to wake up early this morning. Though I did have a very clear dream about winning the wordle on the very first try. Unfortunately, that was just a dream, and my morning wordle was barely just completed-Robby had to help me figure out what the word was.
  • There was quite a bit on my chore list today. Of course there were the never ending dishes and laundry. Plus I had to pull out school for tomorrow for Reagan, Anderson and Graham. Thankfully, I had already pulled out school for the other three. For some reason, I enjoy getting school ready for Whitman and Keaton-there's is still fun for me. Everyone else just has plain ole hard stuff.
  • Anderson did have some school work to do today, so I helped a bit with that. Plus there was Bible study to do with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. Additionally, there was packing for 4 kiddos to oversee.
  • Anderson drove us to Granymom's house today so Keaton and Whitman could spend the night over there. Whitman took a whole tackle box of things to do. And Keaton was pleased when Grannymom said that she had a new recipe for them to try out.
  • We then met Robby at the gas station to fill up both cars. Of course since we were so close to Costco we did run in. We didn't find a whole lot that we really needed-some drinks and some chocolate chips.
  • Then it was back home for a little bit. Nonna and Pops came over to drop off some more cookies from yesterday. After they left, I did try to rest for a few minutes. Though Graham and Anderson would yell every so often and jerk me back awake. I guess they were playing something on the internet.
  • Reagan headed off to church to keep kids this evening. The rest of us left to drop off Graham and Campbell for their weekend at the church house. First we did stop to get them ChickFilA for a little bit of supper.
  • Then Robby, Anderson and I went to Chilis for supper. Anderson and I definitely should have split our meals. We left with more leftovers than we ate-I felt a little bit silly walking out of there with all of my to-go boxes. They will all be delicious tomorrow heated up in the air fryer.
  • Once we were back home, Robby and I settled in to watch a movie while Anderson played on his xbox. Soon it will be time for bed around here-Reagan has the ACT tomorrow.

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