February 3, 2022

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  • The kids knew last night that the only way for them to get a day off of school today was a foot of snow or the power being out. Thankfully, neither happened. Waking people up on days that there is snow/ice on the ground is much easier.
  • Right after we worked together, I explained that they needed to get started with their daily work. And before I had even finished my speech, Anderson was in the attic getting sled and people were putting on jackets and hats. Actually, they asked if they could go out, and of course I am a softee and let them-memories.
  • It was kind of a crazy morning-Whitman was probably in and out of the house at least 5 times before noon today. He also seemed to manage to finish all of his school work for the week today. 
  • Even though yesterday was hectic with a surprise hair cut appointment, today was equally hectic with people in and out of the house. However, today we were able to get all of our school work done. 
  • Anderson and Reagan both had 2 classes on zoom today. And both of them were kicked off their class or internet at least once. I can't imagine poor kiddos having to do that each day. And really, I am such a slacker mom that I let Reagan skip her 3rd class. It all worked our perfectly though since her teacher completely missed it.
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by-I still had some Bible study, coding and even time on the treadmill. Right before supper, I made some cinnamon bread that we cooked after our supper.
  • The afternoon for the kids really seemed to fly by as well. People continued to be n and outside. I did walk down when Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went to the big hill to sled the first time. I took Bentley, and she loved every minute of it. She pulled the sleds a bit, but she was also a bit frightened of them so I am not sure if she was pulling the sleds or running from the sleds. 
  • Later in the afternoon, they all returned to the hill with Anderson for more sledding. Reagan felt sorry for Bentley who was devastated to be left inside, so she took her outside for a good bit as well.
  • Robby and I then made some cheese dip and ham and cheese croissants for everyone. We ate kind of early so afterwards there was even time to play a game before our evening movie.
  • Currently, Bentley is laying beside me-on her leash. She has been running to the door whining all evening long so I just tied her up to me and put an end to that. She just wants to go out and walk around in the snow- I am sure she will get another few chances tomorrow before everything melts. 

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