February 15, 2022

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  • Since we didn't do a full day of school yesterday, today seemed a bit like a Monday and not a Tuesday. Everything went smoothly-Reagan and Anderson left for Comm Central. The rest of us did our together work and then school work.
  • The only thing is tomorrow we start back to Bible study, so that leaves all of Monday's leftover school work for tomorrow after Bible study. I tried my hardest to get Whitman to do a ton today. He did do a good bit, but there is still some left for tomorrow. 
  • We still finished at a decent time-I had enough time to eat my yogurt and cereal before helping Keaton and Whitman with their chore. I did have them trimming plants outside. So I made sure that knew what they were doing, and I even did quite a few really quickly before I had to leave.
  • Reagan and Anderson's school had a meeting today about their high school classes. I left with probably more questions than I came with, but I think that I know what classes she will take this year. 
  • When id di make it home, I found out about Reagan and Anderson's day. Then I walked on the treadmill for a few minutes before fixing supper. Campbell did help me with supper-we had taco meat to make soft tacos along with tostados which was the hit with everyone. We basically still have 2 pounds of taco meet leftover-so I guess that will be supper tomorrow night.
  • After supper, I helped Whitman do his coding. Then I tried to finish a Hallmark movie with Robby. However, it was soon time to take Anderson to practice.
  • He did drive me all the way there. He did really well-though we are at the point where I am saying "slow down" a lot. I remember being there with Reagan too-hopefully she has eventually slowed down.
  • I am currently sitting in the parking lot trying to type fast. I have done some school planning for next year. Now I am trying to finish the blog quickly since my computer is about to die. My phone is in the same shape so I am not too sure what I will do for the rest of practice.
  • Though I do know what I will do when I get home-have me some cookie dough and ice cream!

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