February 13, 2022

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  • This morning Campbell and Graham were not with us. They were finishing out the weekend at church. When we finally were able to talk to them after church, they both had a really good time. 
  • Graham had already said that he stayed up until 3 on Friday night, and Campbell told us about her staying up all night long on Friday. Those Dennie girls like to do thing like that-Reagan did and I did too. 
  • I do believe that each of them did get a lot more sleep Saturday night. And Graham did sleep all afternoon long today-when Robby woke him up tonight he thought that it was morning time. Honestly, he probably could have slept until morning time. 
  • I do know that they both had a good time and both came home with a ton of laundry. I had already done one load this morning. This afternoon we washed two more loads, and I currently have one going now.
  • Reagan and I did worship care at church this morning.  I don't mind doing it, but I do really hate to miss big church. Reagan enjoys it more than I do, but she prefers for me to do it with her and not have to work with a stranger.
  • Then it was to Sunday school we went. Afterwards, we came straight home and heated up leftovers. I did mange to write out a chore list for everyone before they went their separate ways after eating.
  • When we did clean the kitchen from lunch, we started on tonight's food. Keaton made brownies. Campbell made cookies. Robby made rice krispie treats. I made the little smokies in crescent rolls. It was one busy kitchen.
  • We were able to get things cleaned up in time to have a quick nap. Reagan took Anderson to his life group tonight and even picked him up which was super nice for us. I think that she enjoyed doing it- and it sure helped us out a ton.
  • We went to the Ferguson's house tonight for the Super Bowl. There were quite a few folks there, but the Anderson and Whitman did manage to win candy at the end of the quarters. Anderson even won two times making Dennies win 3 out of the 5 different prizes-not too shabby. 
  • We stayed and watched the end of the game. Then it was home for quite a bit of prep for tomorrow. I think that it is going to be a busy day!

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