February 21, 2022

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  • Despite the groans about having to do school today, school today went pretty smoothly. We worked together this morning and did our morning reading. Unfortunately, the ipad was dead so I wasn't able to read my favorite book to the kids-I was more disappointed about not being able to read this book than the kids were. We are half way finished with it, and I so want to read ahead.
  • Robby was off today, and he suggested a little bit too late that possibly we should have not done school today. I kept him busy though because he had to take Anderson to Raymar to work for a little bit to get ready for soccer. While he was out, he ran to the grocery store for a minute.
  • Anderson was back when I was finishing school with Whitman. He didn't have a ton of work so everyone was finished by 1 which is early for a Monday. I had my yogurt and then had myself a short nap.
  • Afterwards, I did my walking on the treadmill which I am going to have to get a bit more serious about. I guess I can next month. I then helped Reagan with a bit of school work. 
  • Oh, yes, there was a Monopoly game with all of the kids except Reagan. I like playing games with some of my kids, but not all of my kids! The game went decent-we played for about 45 minutes before boxing it all back up and taking notes about where everyone was and how much money we all had.
  • Reagan made herself a chicken pot pie for supper while Campbell made chicken nuggets for everyone else. Robby and I ate the rest of our leftover potato soup. As we ate, we started watching our first Hallmark movie of the evening. 

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