February 9, 2022

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  • Brett left this morning as I was thinking about getting up. I did eventually get out of bed and start on my morning chores a few minutes earlier than usual. I am not sure what happened to those extra few minutes because by the time we started working together, it was later than usual.
  • Well, I guess I do know what happened to those few minutes-I worked on an activity for our Valentine's day party. I was cutting up some boxes so the kids can stack cups up in the shape of a heart. 
  • We did all of our morning reading and then started on individual work. For some reason school is just taking longer right now. Oddly enough it isn't Whitman; he is finishing at a decent time these days. I think it is just everyone's work. Needless to say I just feel pretty exhausted by 2 when I finally finish. 
  • Today when we finished, I did have Anderson drive me to the Dollar General so I could buy some biscuik for a recipe that we made this afternoon. I looked and looked for it, and I was just about to give up when I did bend down and finally saw it. I was pretty thankful.
  • And yes, Anderson drove me-he is doing fine. We need lots more practice where there are more cars-like Geyer Springs road where he will take the test. We have exactly three weeks until his scheduled test-that also makes me feel a bit exhausted!
  • There was some baking this afternoon with Anderson. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman spent a good deal of time outside on the trampoline. It is kind of strange that this was a 60 degree day, and there is still snow to play in. The front of our house has almost all melted away but not quite yet.
  • Anderson had his Bible study this afternoon at church so Robby took him early. I had a short little nap before they left. Then I needed a shower before church to wake myself up.
  • Church was glowstick night the little 3 and all of the kids had lots of fun. Driving home from church on Wednesday nights is always one of my favorites because all of the kids are super chatty. Reagan, Anderson and Graham always have lots to say about what happened upstairs-not bad, just the give lots of details about everything. 
  • Robby had pulled out all of the leftovers for us. I had some beans, some cold cheese dip and eventually settled with making me 3 dumplings. The Wilsons came over and brought us a huge pan of cookies so we also munched on those this evening.

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