February 24, 2022

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  • Today was still a school day around here even though there was some ice on the ground plus it seemed that all of my kids' friends were online all day long. Campbell spent a good deal of time on facetime or whatever with her people. Graham and Anderson spent a bit of time on their xboxs with lots of people.
  • This made my people want to zoom through their school work-that was fine except Anderson had his zoom classes which he had to go to. Luckily for him, one of his teachers didn't zoom very long.
  • Whitman was certainly somewhere else today-he took a good long time to finish anything today. He can make me a bit crazy for sure. Thankfully, he eventually finished his work-I did let him skip one thing though (I'm a bit of a softee-or maybe I am just tired!)
  • Reagan had 3 zoom classes but she was only able to get on two of them. That was fine her missing one so maybe she had time to accomplish a few other things. Or maybe not. I do know that she does spend a lot of time on the keyboard upstairs or the piano down here.
  • I eventually found time to walk on the treadmill. I did stall as long as I could-after I had done everything that I could think of, I did finally go upstairs to walk. 
  • Afterwards, people were clamoring to play some more of our Monopoly game. Whitman and I are hanging in there and are not broke yet. This game is being played for the Dennie family trophy.
  • Years ago, I made a trophy to pass around after winning a game. However, at one point Whitman won it, and we just stopped passing it around. I don't think anyone wanted to take it away from baby Whitman. None of us think that Whitman is such a baby anymore so we are all trying to grab that trophy.
  • Soon it was supper time. Robby made chili while I made cornbread waffles. I saw that in a magazine and thought that would be something fun and different. I liked it-some folks did as well. 
  • After supper, there was of course a few Hallmark movies along with some ice cream!

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