February 18, 2022

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  • I was up and out of bed early this morning so I could let the neighbors' dogs out. We had put them up early last night since it was cold and since one of the puppies doesn't like to stay in its fence. It was pretty cold out there this morning-I had to break up the ice in their water.
  • My plan was to crawl back into bed when I came back in. However, Robby was already leaving the bed so I decided that I should get on up and be productive. I wasn't that productive early in the morning, but I did accomplish a few things.
  • There was the dishes and laundry. I did go upstairs and start making noise so my kiddos wouldn't sleep all day long. That helped some and Whitman, Keaton and Campbell were down first. I was able to get them to do their Bible study at one point.
  • Anderson had a good bit of work to do today. I was able to help him get a few things accomplished pretty quickly. He has something on Monday so his school day will be a bit shorter so he was trying to accomplish quite a few things today.
  • After my treadmilling, I did take Anderson to practice for his driving test. We made the loop twice that he will have to drive that day. He did just fine though some more practice sure won't help at all. 
  • Robby, Keaton, Campbell and I ran a few errands this afternoon-gas, post office, a return, Sams, Walmart, Kroger and Costco. We were gone for a good long while!
  • So when we did get home, it was definitely time for us to start supper. We had orange chicken along with general tsos chicken. I tried to make Chinese noodles again, but they sure weren't as good as we would have liked. We will try to perfect the rice, but I think that we might have to give up on the noodles. 
  • After eating, the boys played some basketball-Graham even wore a knit hat since it was so chilly. Eventually, we settled in to watch a movie for the evening. We did have to stop for a bit since Bentley continued to shake her head-we muzzled that dog and squirted her ears full of medicine. Hopefully that will help prevent an ear infection.
  • After dealing with the dog, we did scoop some ice cream to help us enjoy our movie more! 

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