February 1, 2022

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  • Tuesdays are just different than Mondays around here. That is mainly because Reagan and Anderson head to Comm Central in the morning so it is quite a few less of us doing our daily school work together. Now, that is a good thing because it does take less time each day.
  • For example, yesterday I was still doing school work at 2, but today I was sitting in my bedroom with the rest of the chicken pot pie from last night before 1 having my lunch. I usually sit in the sun in my bedroom each day, but unfortunately there was no sun today. I still sit there though because usually people can't find me in there, and I can eat quietly.
  • Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and Graham have spent a bit of time outside today. There was basketball, ripstick riding, and trampolining. When Anderson made it home, he also joined the basketball playing.
  • Keaton, Campbell and Graham did join Robby and me as we went to the grocery store this afternoon. We had to get our snow day preparations-nah, actually, we needed to get milk and important things like blue jello and blue streamers for Sunday school. 
  • While we were out and about, we did see some Little Debbie ice cream at the Walmart. So of course we had to try some. But since we weren't going straight home, we needed spoons. There was quite a bit of questioning over if we possibly have spoons in the car. Of course we bought spoons-and you guessed it-we did have spoons in the car from another emergency ice cream run. Robby the other day talked about putting cash and a credit card in all of the cars. I should probably had a box of spoons in them all too.
  • Reagan had a nap after school, and I squeezed in a quick cat nap before working with her on the ACT. We should have done a lot more work than we did today, but I was trying to get supper ready too. Maybe we will have time tomorrow (I know we won't).
  • We just heated up some bbq for our supper-fast and easy. There was a run on french fries at the grocery store. I guess we possibly should have made them again like last night, but since we were able to find one lone bag that is what we had.
  • It is currently almost 7, and I am waiting to take Anderson to his basketball practice-gracious, 7:45 is late for practice. There isn't anything that I need so I am planning on just sitting there and reading a book. Wonder if I could take a blanket to cover up in as I sit in one of the comfy chairs and read?

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