February 6, 2022

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  • Church morning-I was dreading a text saying that church was cancelled since there is still a bit of ice on the roads. We have some on our street, but nothing major at all. Now, we did get a text saying that there were a few entrances closed due to ice at the church house, but that was fine.
  • Of course I sure don't want to miss church for any reason, but today I had good Sunday school lesson activities: jumping over streamers making the Red Sea and having little toy people walk through a jello red sea. Seriously, I was Sunday school teacher extraordinaire today-it doesn't happen very often.
  • After church, we went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. They had tacos which were pretty yummy. Nonna even had Valentine's desserts to begin our Valentine celebrations. I could have stayed all afternoon at Nonna's house cozied up by their fire place, but we eventually headed home for our Sunday afternoon naps. I have decided that I really want a fireplace-I am not too sure how that could happen, but it is on my wishlist.
  • We did have naps-they were brief, but they were good. I have become an excellent texter during naps-constantly asking different kids to take Bentley out. She now barks just to go outside and walk around plus when she does need to do her serious outside business, she stalls long enough that the kids think that she doesn't need to go. Either way, there was lots of barking during my nap-I believe that I wrote Campbell, Graham, Anderson and Keaton to take her out. I wasn't even asleep for that long-maybe an hour.
  • Soon Campbell, Graham and Anderson headed to church. They really enjoy their Sunday nights. While they were there, the Wilson, Robby, and I went to On the Border for some Mexican food. When we came home, we watched some you tube travel channels, and Keaton made brownies for everyone.
  • When they did leave, I started getting everything ready for Monday morning. All too soon it was bedtime and the weekend was officially over!

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