February 28, 2022

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  • I try to be positive on Mondays, but man, some Mondays are just hard. I did wake up a bit early so that did help things-well, I didn't get out of bed early so that probably actually didn't really help! 
  • After waking everyone up, we did our morning reading together. The kids do seem interested in one of our books that I am reading, and I love that book. Actually, I have a book similar coming from the library to read myself that is from the same time period, and I can't wait.
  • I started working with everyone individually today but did stop when I finally saw Reagan's act scores come through. I think she did decent for her very first standardized test. She did get what she needed on the english subtest, but not in math or reading. We will start studying for the accuplacer test soon-probably tomorrow. I think that she might have been a bit bummed about her scores especially since she had a friend trying to get a 32 while she is just trying to get a 20.
  • I worked all morning and was surprised to realize that it was already 1:30 when I stopped. I think that is why I dread Mondays so-there is lots of work to be done, and it usually takes a while.
  • Tuesdays are a bit easier since Reagan and Anderson are gone. I am not sure why that makes things easier since they are relatively easy. Tomorrow won't be too much easier since Whitman didn't do much today, we have to leave early in the afternoon, and then when I do come home Reagan and Anderson will still have work to do. But we will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.
  • Campbell did have a wire come off of her bracket last night, so I did call the orthodontist. They had an appointment for us at noon, so thankfully Robby was able to take her there. She said that the appointment lasted 7 only minutes.
  • Anderson needed to drive some today since his test is Friday. He took me to the library which has become our standard route. I probably should have taken him a bit further, but he wanted to go to the library so he could spend a gift card at McDonalds. He bought himself and Graham oreo mcflurries. They were crazy expensive which he was not expecting (nor was I), and they were not even mixed up well, It was a bit of a disappointment.
  • When we did come home, we played a bit more of our Monopoly game. Whitman and I are now out of the game. Graham is just a few turns away from also being out of the game. Campbell has loads of money and will probably be the winner, but Keaton and Anderson are trying to hold on.
  • After we played, the boys all left with Robby for a dinner at church. While they were gone, I walked on the treadmill. Then I made tostados for the girls' supper. I barely made enough, but I think that everyone left full. 
  • Campbell is making us brownies right now while Reagan is practicing the keyboard upstairs. Keaton is on the phone with her friend (well, I guess I should say on MY phone with her friend). I expect that the boys will be home any minute now. 

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