February 2, 2022

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  • My alarm was sure not a pleasant sound to hear this morning. Whitman, however, is the only early bird in the house. He told me that he woke up at 7 this morning. I am not exactly sure about that, but he definitely did get up before I did. 
  • We did our school work today-I had been reading a book to everyone, but it is due at the library with lots of people waiting on it. So I had Robby buy it for me-he bought it on the ipad since it was cheaper. I have never read a book on the ipad, but I think that I like it-it has a percent read counter that you can see when you read. And I love seeing how much is left as we read-I probably read more because of it.
  • After reading we did our school work. I realized in the middle of school, that this week is the week that the hair cut place is having a sale. And I also realized that if this silly weather comes tomorrow like they think, then we won't be able to make it to get our hair cut.
  • I had told all of the girls that we could get their hair cut during this sale. So Robby suggested that we just pick up and go immediately. And that is just what we did. 
  • Campbell, Keaton, Reagan and I all had our hair cut. Keaton thinks hers was too short, but it is cute. Campbell seemed to like hers, and Reagan was indifferent. I haven't had a hair cut in over a year, so Robby could have cut my hair, and I would have liked it so I am certainly pleased.
  • That meant that I didn't finish everything that I wanted today, but that was just fine. When we did get home, there was time for us to have lunch right before the Sugar Club came over.
  • The Sugar Club is some of Keaton and Campbell's little friends that meet and usually make some type of food to give to others. Today, we didn't do that-we etched pie plates that said "the giving dish." It also has a little saying on the side that tells how you are supposed to enjoy the food, refill the dish and pass it on.
  • It was quite an event trying to get all of the girls' pie pans to work. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, and they all really turned out quite neat. Now, Campbell and Keaton need to figure out who they are going to give their pie pan filled with goodies to.
  • As soon as the girls finished, they devoured a package of Oreos and then headed outside to eat. I cooked some spaghetti and green beans for supper. They had time to play outside and even a few games inside before I called them down to supper.
  • They ate quickly before it was time to go to church tonight. It was super chilly tonight, but there were quite a few people at church. They kids all had fun-I think that Wednesday night church is definitely the highlight of the week for all of my crew.
  • Back at home, Robby had a rotisserie chicken for our second supper. We ate some before Robby and I started on a movie. There is a good possibility that our movie is going to stop in an hour-and I might just cry! Ha!

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