February 7, 2022

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  • Mondays are long around here. I sat down in my little spot in front of my bedroom window at 8:30 this morning, and I really didn't leave that spot until 2:25. I did get up occasionally to put things awake in the school room, and even once I walked to the mudroom and in the living room. 
  • Needless to say, when the Monday school day is over, I am ready for a nap. There was no rest of the weary because as soon as school was over, it was time for driving lessons.
  • Anderson drove me to the library, and again he did very well. Even having a car full of passengers didn't bother him-Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Bentley.
  • The reason that everyone else was with us was because we were also going to go to ChickFilA. The main reason for this was to spend Graham's gift card so he stops asking us about going. And you would not believe, well, maybe you would-he paid cash. So that means there are more ChickFilA trips in the future.
  • Campbell used some of her gift card to buy fries and a shake. Anderson had Keaton go in and order his shake, and he even paid for her to buy herself french fries. It was a super happy car ride home since all of my people were munching on their goodies.
  • Whitman worked on making perler bead heart valentines for all of our friends for next week. Campbell and Keaton helped him with this project. When I did come home, we got all of his stuff ready before finally getting on the treadmill.
  • I had stalled as long as I possibly could and even thought about not doing it-but since I was upstairs sitting on the treadmill with my tennis shoes on, I thought that it was wise that I just go ahead and walk for a little bit.
  • Graham pretty much made all of supper by himself-Chicken sandwiches along with mac and cheese. Campbell had already made cookies for us to enjoy this evening. We ate while Reagan was at her d-group. 
  • When we finished, we played a game. Then it was finally time to settle in my chair and be quiet for a little bit. Currently, Robby and I are watching a movie-I plan on getting some hot chocolate and have two books beside me to flip through. Sounds like a perfect evening. 

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