February 14, 2022-Happy Valentine's Day

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  • This morning when everyone woke up they had their pile of Valentine candy from Robby and me. They also had a bag of cookies that Keaton and Campbell made last week with the cookie lady. I would say that was all a pretty good start to Valentine's Day for my crew. 
  • When I walked through the kitchen at one point this morning, I saw that my pile had been added to-Robby had put my cookie dough that I picked out on Saturday night by my cookies. He also added my Valentine's Day calendar. I have been getting a calendar for at least 10 years now every Valentine's Day. 
  • I soon woke up all of the kids. I think that all of the kids slept well because they were all difficult to wake up this morning. Well, Whitman wasn't-he was up and on his ipad before Robby and I even climbed out of bed.
  • The kids and I did our morning work this morning. Then everyone had about an hour to do their school work before we loaded up and left-we had Valentine's for everyone, Valentine bags, orange juice, apple juice, a dry erase board, sausage, chairs, and everyone brought something that the love to show the group.
  • It was quite a party and quite a group of kiddos. I am a bit bummed that I forgot to get a group picture. Also, for some reason I sure didn't get a picture of Graham. I am not sure how he managed to hide from me. 
  • We all brought breakfast food and had ourselves a brunch. Then we moved on to playing some games. The last hurrah was when everyone passed out their Valentine's. My big 3 still enjoy getting Valentines-or maybe they enjoy getting candy! Whitman had worked pretty hard on making perler bead hearts to go with the candy that he passed out.
  • I was surprised when we did get in the car to see that it was already 2. We stayed much longer than I had thought. I think that was because it was a perfect day, and the kids enjoyed playing outside. 
  • Once at home, Anderson did a bit of school work. Then it was time for our weekly outing to the library. Bless the boy-as he was driving to the library, 3 school buses pulled right out in front of him. They didn't stop, they didn't look, nothing. I was a bit surprised by this. I was much more surprised when on the next road, a lady walked from one side of the road to the middle. We slowed down, and she went to the opposite side. As we started to pass her, she then walked straight across the road to the car. I am pretty sure that the lady was not in her right mind at all.
  • That is when Anderson said he was not going to drive home and was going to the library the short way and not the long way. I felt bad for him-he did perfect during all of this, but he was definitely done driving for the day!
  • Back at home, there was school work to do. I just have us doing a 3 day week, but we start back to Bible study on Wednesday so that will be a busy day. I wish that I could have convinced Whitman to do a bit more school today, but I was working until 4:30 so I do call that a decent day of work.
  • Robby and I made chicken spaghetti for supper tonight. We ate-well, Reagan wasn't home. She met Kennedy at Barnes and Noble. They went there and to Trader Joes. Also they stopped at Goodwill, Target and ChickFilA-it was a real shopping spree. They had lots of fun though.
  • Our supper was good, and afterwards Campbell gave Bentley a bath. Afterwards, I tried to brush her really well. Then it was time to start a few movies to watch tonight!

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